EU Siege Completed 10th of April - 14e Gaming - Duché de Normandie Event #1 - "The Siege of Avranche"

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Greetings everyone, the 14e Gaming / Le Duché de Normandie is glad to announce its first event on Mount and blade 2: Bannerlord

"The Siege of Avranche"

That event will take place the 10th of April at 21:00 CET

For that special occasion we plan to offer you the first "organised" siege event in Europe !

That siege will oppose the Duchy of Normandy (Vlandia) vs the Duchy of Bretony (Battania)

Map : Baravenos Encirclement​

Mod : Siege
The Siege of Avranche.

On the first days of spring, 1021ad, the Duché de Normandie is facing multiple raids from the neighbour Duché, the Duché de Bretagne.
Weakened by a civil war, the local nobleman, the Comte Guillaume de Mortain, calls his Lord for help and lock himself inside of the castle of Avranche
From his stronghold of Caen, the Duc de Normandie, Robert, quickly gather his knights and men at arms to defend his borders from the invasion.
The ducal army joins the castle of Avranche just in time to help the defenders before the bretons besiege the place.
The walls are high and the defenders have no choice between fighting or dying. Everyone hold their breath in the wait of the bloodbath.



General Rules:
  • Be respectful to everyone, any bad behaviour will be punished
  • Only clans who have been accepted can participate
  • Do not share the server's password to non invited clans/persons
  • Accept the invitation to our steam chat when you are being accepted to the event
Specific Rules
• Attackers can only leave spawn as a squad of 5 minimum
• 30% max archers for each clans
• Infantery can't pick / or use bow or crossbow
• No cavalry
• Defenders can't leave the castle or the nearby objectif outside of it

Clan NameCaptainNumber of MembersClan Banner
14e Gaming - Duché de NormandieVerdieb15
14e Gaming - Duché dé NormandieSuchet15
14e Gaming - Duché de NormandieKnight15
14e Gaming - Duché de NormandieSpaceKiller15
Clan NameCaptainNumber of MembersClan Banner
La Légion du CérbèreMazewind15

Clan Name :
Leader steam ID :
Number of Player :
I agree to the rules

Special thanks to @Dejan and TaleWorlds for letting us use the server and hosting that event !
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Very excited and curious about this event !

Can't wait to play with you, and thank you for your invitation.

It's an honor to represent the Duché de Bretagne :smile:
Hey guys thanks for the quick replies.
The event looks already full.

We will organize the teams soon.
We are in advance sorry but considering 130 slots from 5 differents clans were requested while we only offer 60 slots over 4 clans, we've some decisions to take :cry:


hi! do you take into account the fact that if, for example, my clan has never participated in such an event, then it will have a chance to get to the event? Just in fact, almost the same clans participate, but there are others, I just do not have time to follow the event calendar, as about 7-8 clans have already written registration for the event. I have no complaints, I just wonder if we will have a chance to get to the event )


Clan Name : Royaume de Cintra
Leader steam ID :
Number of Player : 15
I agree to the rule
Accepted for 15 peoples

Clan Name : IVe Corps d'Armée Français / Principauté d'Antioche
Leader steam ID : IVe_Général_Stéphane /
Number of Player : 10-15
I agree to the rules
Accepted for 15 peoples

Clan Name : Bataillon Sacré
Leader steam ID : weester
Number of Player : 15 or more -> 30 if possible
I agree to the rules
Accepted for 15 peoples

Event is now full !
Thanks to everyone for applying to our event, in the futur we will try to introduce new clans to our event so everyone can discover that huge potential of the game which is epic organised siege on bannerlord.
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