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This regiment’s origins lie in the 2nd Madras Europeans, an East India Company unit formed in 1766 from non-Indian troops. In 1774 this absorbed parts of the 3rd Madras Europeans and was renamed the 2nd Madras European Regiment.
In 1799 the regiment was disbanded, but in 1824 it re-formed as the 2nd Battalion of a new Madras European Regiment. In 1830 the Madras European Regiment became a single-battalion unit. This was renamed the 1st Madras (European) Regiment in 1839 and later became the 102nd Foot in the British Army.
1839 also saw the raising of a new independent 2nd Madras (European) Regiment by Lieutenant-Colonel Archibald Brown-Dyce at Arnee. In 1842 it became a light infantry unit. In 1856 the regiment was sent to Burma, but the following year it returned to India during the Indian Mutiny (1857-59).
In 1858 it joined other East India Company European units in transferring to Crown control. The following year it was renamed the 2nd Madras Light Infantry and in September 1862 it formally joined the British Army as the 105th Regiment of Foot (Madras Light Infantry).
The 105th continued to serve in India until 1872, when it was sent to garrison the port of Aden for two years. The regiment then sailed to England for the first time, landing in 1874. It remained there until 1878, when it was sent first to Guernsey and then to Ireland the following year.


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Regimental Officers
Major: (Maj) Is in charge of the whole regiment. They are the commanding officer and make all decisions for all companies in the regiment.

Company Officers
Captain: (Capt) They are the overall commanding officer and member of their company. They make sure proper recruition is going on and that all officers, NCO’s, and Rankers are doing their jobs. They also train all new officers on how to be a proper officer and what to do in the heat of a battle in a line battle.
Lieutenant: (Lt)  They are the second in charge of the company. They are over Ensign and they have the proper training to lead the company in a line battle. They make sure that all information about the company gets sent down to the lower ranks. They make sure that everyone is doing well. They are in charge of training all the NCO’s on how to do their job and what to do in a line battle.
Ensign: (Ens) They are the lowest officer rank. They will learn everything about leading the company in line battles and what to do in a time of need. They will also keep a close contact with the captain so they can learn and understand everything about being an officer and what they have to do if they get promoted.

Non Commissioned Officers
Company Sergeant Major: (CSgtMaj) They are the highest ranking enlisted rank and the highest ranking NCO in the company. They are in charge of making sure the NCO’s get proper training on how to be an NCO. They make sure all members are doing proper recruition is going on and that people are being active in the regiment. They are the member that gets practice going and set before the line battles.
Sergeant Major: (SgtMaj) This is the second highest NCO rank. They make sure in the line battles that everyone is keeping their proper distance and that they are marching in formation. They will teach the younger NCO’s on how to be an NCO. They will lead the NCO class and make sure that anyone going for the position takes the class. This member works closely to the Company Sergeant Major.
Staff Sergeant: (SSgt) This NCO rank is the test rank. After you are trained in how to be an NCO and you get promoted to this rank you are put to the test. You will be in charge of leading some of the practices and if you’re lucky the line battles. This will test if you can be an able member not only as an NCO but as an Officer. This rank shows if you can handle everything and this is your chance to show off to the officers on how well you can play the game and how well you can lead the Company.
Sergeant: (Sgt) This is the NCO rank right above Corporal. You will be taught battle commands and things you should do in battle. You will learn everything to be an able leader and what to do in line battles. These members are in charge of making sure that all enlisted know everything on what to do in a line battle. They will train new members in the practice before the line battles and make sure they know everything that will happen. They will make sure all new members know all their superior officers and members. These members are also the place you would report any problems within the company. They will deal with it and if they can’t they will send it to a superior member.
Corporal: (Cpl) This is the baby NCO rank. You are in the trainee section of the NCO ranks. This is where you will learn most things a Sergeant learn. You will still follow the officers and the NCO’s in battle. This rank you will spend close times with the Sergeants on how to become a Sergeant and what you have to do if you are promoted to this position. You will also make sure all the Enlisted are doing their jobs and that they are not messing around and causing a problem.

Lance Corporal: (LCpl) This is the rank right before the NCO ranks. You have basically passed all the Enlisted ranks and are almost on the NCO stage. You will have to learn how to be a good leader and how to be respectful to all members. Getting to this rank is quite hard. You must show that you have extreme dedication and that you are a loyal member.
Kingsman: (Kgm) This is the second highest enlisted rank. You have to work hard to get to this rank. This is the few people that are selected from the high officers to hold this rank. This is one of the few ranks that is a very good thing to have. Not many members will get here and if you get here you will basically be a Lance Corporal. You have the same responsibilities except you get more respect as being in the select rank.
Regular: (Rgl) This is where you will go when you have shown you are a loyal member and that you can listen to orders in battle. This rank takes about a few weeks to get. This is the rank where you will prove whether you will be a Lance Corporal or a Kingsman. If you are selected to be a Kingsman you are basically the officers more respected members. This rank is where you can prove to the officers whether you can handle being a kingsman or a Lance Corporal.
Private: (Pte) The majority of the company will be here. After being in 2 line battles you will be promoted to this rank. This is basically just the second enlisted rank. There isn’t much gained from being here except you can start to get promoted to the higher ranks. This is basically just the start of all the training you will get as being a higher rank.
Recruit: (Rct) This is the basic rank when you join. Everyone starts here and after being in 2 linebattles you will be promoted to a private. Getting pass this rank is very easy and most people  will leave this rank in a few weeks.

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