1000 PLAYERS SERVER - NEXT EVENT on the 29th of October at 9 PM CET

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Hello everyone ! 👋😃
On the 29th of October at 9 PM CET a new 1000 player server event will happen. To join:
- Have your game on the 1.0.0 version.
- Join the server at the time of the event. (try to play with the other players please: do not rambo, stay with your team mates)

The goal is to see the limits of Bannerlord's servers. Last week, we were 530 players and everything was working great:
This Saturday, let's destroy the last record!
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****, I am working till 9 pm CET, how long will this event go on for? I'd love to see a 1000 player server in person. If it's 2-3 hours, I could take part.
1000 players in Bannerlord?!

I never even knew the multiplayer games could scale above a 100.
Obviously never played BL MP before but thats gonna change tonight.
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