EU Native Duel Completed 1 Handed Champion Duel Tournament | 26.05

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Player Name: Berserk
Steam: ID: Dolv2_Berserk (if its the warband id you want i don't have it, its been 2 years since i stop play this ****)

Zeyden 狼

I am sorry to announce that I am moving the tournament to September 26th, if some of you can't make it, please let me know




Hello, I would like to make a duel tournament which will take place during the evening of September 26. This format is inspired by the duel tournaments on Napoleonic Wars, I aspire to do the same thing on this module.


1. All participants to respect each other. Slaying/Banning will be down to Admins (within reason), and will not be questioned or contested.
2. Any Trolling will just result in punishment.
3. Stay spectator while you wait for your duel.
4. 1 Handed with 1000 golds, The factions will be set to Swadia. No leaving the arena once the round has started.
5. No glitching, Hacking, Autoblock, Autochamber or anything that is a form of cheating.
6. No killing eachother near duels, if u are found to be doing this you will be punished.


Player Application:

Player Name:MALKCY
Steam (Link required):
Referee Application:

Community Name:
Steam Contact (Link required):
ID (Needed for Admin):
Previous Experience:

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