1.80 Smithing I don't get it

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I am having several issues with smithing on the beta mostly relating to unlocking new parts.

I have smelting down a lot of weapons even high level tier 3 and 4 ones but I am not unlocking new parts for certain weapons. One handed pole arms are the worst. I have two parts that allow me to make only a simple spear. Are there now other parts?

One handed swords I have loads of parts, from blades to pommels but they are all level 1. Same goes for daggers. I have crafted and broken down loads of one handed swords but far fewer daggers so why are these almost the same in number of unlocks?

For throwing axes I have level 1 parts (two of them) and two level 4 heads but nothing else. The most parts I have unlocked for two handed swords and these have gone from level 1 to now level 2 parts. This seems to indicate that value of the crafted item has a lot to do with unlocking parts but the fact that equally expensive throwing axes do not seem to unlock easily goes against this thought.

Then there are the incessant pop-ups. They go away too quickly for me to reliably read them but they mostly are for parts I have already unlocked. I assume this is a bug but does this also indicate an issue with higher tier parts not unlocking?

A general issue I have with the smithing is how opaque the system is. I select an order with certain demands on stats. Fine. It sometimes refers to specific damage types. That makes sense and means you need to use different blade parts. Great, that I understand. But what are all the different pommels for and how and when should I use them? Same goes for the handles and guards. I get that they look different but they also can have a significant impact on how a weapon performs. How can I predict what difference that is? Are some parts just better than others? It doesn't appear to be the case and if it isn't how should I know when to use which part? There are a ton of them and it is a pain to have to go through all of them and their different size variants to find the correct one.

The game gives very little feedback in general and this is an example of where it would be nice if it became clear what each different component actually does.


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The parts unlock separately for each type as you smelt and craft that type. It's still buggy and I agree I've seen the same part unlocked and unlocked "none" and such. I can't help with the crafting orders part.


Smithing is very tense to leveling and unlock without mod/cheat, trade skill to 300 is very tense without mod as well. So yes, I know what was like.
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