1.80 Beta issues and suggestions

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Issues :
Lairs attack.

- confirmed, during lair attack there are heroes I do not have selected which will be at least in the attacking party...
Another negligence point. I know, I'm not fun, but at soon 50 yo, I hate the undone work, do it well, or do nothing. Or do something else :wink:
The first PC games from the 90's where more finished than those from nowadays, with much more technolgy, so stop running after money, and work properly. :wink:

Sir Frederic

Useless to fix lol, so funny when you have a high Throwing to see them take off the ground =)
And really not a nuisance to the mecanisms of the game. Unlike the melee combat :smile:
yes, 1.8 is more annoying than before in combat. The only ones benefiting from this are the imperial legionnaires who carry the calradic mace.

In foot combat I hardly ever get into fair fights, or just slash enemies while they're distracted or running away.
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