In Progress General [1.8.0] bug - custom race is not respected for dynamically created hero objects when loading a savegame

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Symptom: for all hero objects that are not deserialized straight form xml, but created through code dynamically - including the player hero(!) - lose their custom race when saving then loading back up a savegame file.

Steps to reproduce:
Launch a new game with a custom race selected in the character creation menu.
Load into the campaign map, observe that the agentvisuals of the main party correctly display the custom race's skin.
Save the game
Load the fresh save
The skin of the custom race is replaced by the default human skin on the agentvisuals of the main party.

Same problem happens for wanderers or new heroes that are created from code using templates.
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posted a similar experience in the Modding Q&A thread.

Companions/wanderers haven’t been honoring the Race attribute, even though it is getting parsed somewhere (setting the race to a nonexistent one throws an error).

Unit troop does however honor the race attribute.
Forwarded to the QA team for further investigation. We will reach out again if we need more information. Thanks for reporting and sorry for any inconvenience!
You the man! Thanks for the reply.

I messed around with this for an hour or so just last night and had some odd behavior. Happy to provide more info if needed!
This is still an On-going issue with 1.1.0.
An example I have encountered is that when you change a native lord to one of the custom races through the console command and save the game upon reloading the game the race reverts.
This is Silvind with the race applied before saving the game

On relaunching the save however...

Reverts to Human. Link to my Discord Post about it:
I have experienced the same thing since races implementation fortnehme first time. Also I have to add, as I have written Dejan in the mod community, that game loading times raises up to 10 minutes having races enabled, specially with custom skins. Another issue is that updating to new version creates the crash: could not merge xml file correctly, object not found in dictionary. That issue is only fixed after deleting the race string from npcs.
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