1.7 Beta Rescue Captive Lord Bug

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Discovered a nasty but in 1.7 Beta.
I had an army with just my clan member parties in it (to save on influence) and defeated opposing kingdom army. Shortly after in nearby settlelment i went to exchange some troops with one of the clan parties in my army. To my big surprise i noticed an Aseri (my current faction) noble in my clan among my clan parties troops. From looking at the logs as far as I can tell is that opposing kingom army captured that noble before I defeated that army. Normally that noble was supposed to be released but instead she was pressganged into my clan party. I don't seem to have a way to "free" a noble from clan party as there is no option to transfer her. Maybe disbanding that clan party would work but even than I am not certain that the noble would not remain forever bugged.

As far I can tell the only solution is to load the save before I engaged that enemy army and evade conflict with them until they delivery prisoners into nearby settlement. Kind off makes it a nasty and annoying bug.


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Yeah, it's a fun bug, I've had Herobert in my clan member party for a couple years now in game, he can even be set as a captain! I also don't know if disbanding the party will re-spawn him else where or what, I'll find out someday but for now I keep him!
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