1.7 beta crash

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Game keeps completely freezing on campaign map. Game music continues to play even when the game is frozen. It does not CTD and I can't close it via steam. I have to go to the task manager and close bannerlord.

Mouse studders slowly across the screen while frozen in game. Steam overlay shows 46fps (obviously incorrect).

Task manager shows bannerlord is using of 45% memory at over 2100 MB. Also shows its using 14% cpu usage. Shows 30% gpu usage. Power usage shows very high.

No error message is shown after freezing.

Escort caravan quest bugged a long time prior to this incident. The caravan disappeared after a battle. Unsure if this is related to freezing.

Started bannerlord in safe mode. Same outcome.

Verified game files, same outcome.

Updated drivers yielded interesting result. When bannerlord freezes, gpu goes from nearly 50% down to 0% usage, according to the task manager. Memory and cpu remain the same as before.

After closing bannerlord via task manager, cpu and memory return to normal.

If there is any other way I can help, please let me know.
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