1.7.2 killed Captain

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Hi, please query your databases to confirm that Captain is dead on North America East.
Compare how many Captain games were being played daily on North America East before the 1.7.2 update and after the 1.7.2 update. Only count the games that actually completed. My guess is that it's <5% of the games than before 1.7.2. I'm in large group chat of NAE captain players (>150) and everyone is reporting long queue times and almost no games that can actually be completed. People are just playing other games entirely, or playing TDM/Siege.

1. Bring back casual mode
2. Fix ranked mode, or get rid of it

You guys messed with the matchmaking logic again so it's not making games like it should (confirmed 3v3 doesnt start a game) and any random noob or troll can just end a game during warm-up. I've been playing Captain for years but this is the first time where I feel like I'm going to stop playing permanently because the defect is by design and not accidental or infrastructure-related.

If you make people wait an unreasonable amount of time to play, then they simply will not play and that's what is occurring now. In my opinion, the ability to play without waiting unreasonably long takes precedence over any other changes like troop balance changes, new maps, armors, or trophies.
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There are so few people who play multiplayer. Adding ranks or other games modes just means there are more barriers to getting matches. In NA, we already had a good 50% of the day where no matches were possible because there weren't 6 people in queue.

Please remove ranked, and allow anyone to join a game in progress. Multiplayer is amazing, but there are so few concurrent users that you have killed captain mode (The best mode).


I second everything in this thread. As a part of the Bannerlord MP community for the past 1+ years, I am very sad to see this happen to the community. Many of the players have been playing for so long because we love and enjoy this game. Now we can't even jump into a match without a long wait or issues during warmup leading to players not even trying. It feels as if this update has even discouraged those core community members whether on US or EU servers from playing the game. Whatever you guys end up doing, please do it soon because the community is dying out.


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The potential of MP BL is really huge.
But only when team members understand and feel each other do we get such a level of tactical interaction that allows us to reveal all the tactical potential inherent in the MP BL. This allows us to demonstrate the beauty and incredible effectiveness of the complex use by the team of different classes of units. We get the most exciting games, and, at the same time, admiration from BL and fanatical devotion to him.

This is perhaps the main reason for the popularity of parties with friends in BL (as well as in any other MPgame).

But now, with the introduction of random team formation, we've lost that difficult yet most fun form of multiplayer interaction. Matches have turned into a boring infantry rush confrontation or an even bigger nightmare caused by the inept and inconsistent use of units from other classes. This is just painful to watch.

And most tragically, for this reason, we no longer have such interesting in-game conversations.

It hurts to realize that the best multiplayer in the world is becoming like a primitive one-time slasher without team and social interaction.
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Captain mode was going on at virtually all times on NA East. Dead now. Haven't played in over two weeks or more.


I've queued for 30+ minutes at peak hours a dozen times with no luck. Others have claimed the same thing. Idk if it's bugged or just dead.


I have spent around 700 hours only on Captain Mode. Since the last update I haven't been playing Bannelord. I must thanks TW to get rid of my addiction to this game

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It's unbelievable what the TW team thought! To fix some problems in the old captain, they destroy the entire captain community! The system cannot be changed in a very short time! This can take months... :cry:
I agree, even the latest versions of the closed beta test, despite the imbalance, the captain's mod was much more interesting, more playable and more interesting than it is now ... TW themselves buried their own and unique network mode that distinguished it from all other games ...

Uwus Krassus

I believe that the new ranking system including the queue is fully functional. There are now just over 400 players with at least 10 games registered. The system is intended for the future... with 2000 active players... The old players, the Rambos, the super heroes mega parties were deliberately destroyed. But that won't work out for TW... because it will be difficult to get out again...
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