1.7.2 Beta Red eyes bug, price of wood in Battania etc.

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After I hired a companion at the beginning of the game, all the portraits (smithy, in-settlements) became red-eyed. I don't exactly know if its the companion caused this or my closing and opening a game window, but the issue exists.

Also I've noticed that the price on wood and iron ore in Battania is too low. In Seonon, for example, wood cost 3 and there are thousand units of it. Ore is in hundreds and cost 6. In 1.7.1 I am looking at 55 units of wood for 5 each and 58 ore 7 each in Seonon. That seems more adequate. Later when all wood are bought even small amounts of wood in Seonon worth 5. Seems like they should be 8+.

Another bug - my character gives smithing orders to himself.

On top of that - went to buy olives. There were 108 in the town. Regardless of quantity I chose the price stayed the same and in1.7.1 it was getting higher as I moved the purchase slider to the left, which was reasonable.
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