1.7.1 is great but literally unplayable from crashes, any fixes out there?

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I came all the way to the forum because I want to play Bannerlord again but I just can't do it, it's so bad. Last time I played was on launch and it was great. The game was more bare bones but it rarely ever crashed. Now I came back to play on 1.7.1 and it's absolutely miserable. I noticed there are tons of awesome quality of life changes which I'm thrilled about, but the game just randomly crashes once every 30 minutes on average. The worst part is that the game only auto saves once every 20 minutes or so and I don't know of any way to change that.

I just had it happen again and lost 15 minutes of gameplay which involved a massive amount of trading from town to town and city to city which is going to be completely miserable to redo. Am I the abnormal one here? Does nobody else have this happen? I can't play the game like this, it's so miserable. I try to remember to save every few minutes but it's hard to remember. Also this is ignoring the fact that I occasionally have it crash towards the end of a big battle and find myself having to redo the long 10 minute slugfest battles.

Two questions:

a.) is there any way to make the game not crash all the time?
b.) is there any way to make the game auto save once per minute?

If the answer to both of those is no then sadly I'm just screwed and can't play bannerlord. I'll have to try again in a year or two and hope it doesn't crash constantly for no reason.


Are you prompted to upload the dump after these crashes? If so, could you share one of the dump IDs with me? I can check it to see if your problem is known/has a pending solution.


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Check for old mods in the module folder you may have forgotten about and delete them and verify files on steam to make sure something isn't corrupted or missing. You should not be having frequent crashes on 1.7.1, it's not a normal occurrence. As for the saves, you can find an option to increase how often it auto saves, but beware that a crash during an auto save will result in a corrupted save. I would suggest just using the save button yourself after each meaning step, such as "sold all my stuff in town, save my game" "boy that battle was tuff save my game" "oh a big enemy party, can I beta them? save my game" and so on.


I just crashed again and was about to post it again but then I realized you probably don't need multiple since the only part that changes is the timestamp part and not the weird code part at the end, but let me know if that's not correct lol.


This is insane. The crashing every 30 to 60 minutes is one thing, but now I have a bug where it's just constantly zooming the map out. I tried saving the game and exiting, which was a mistake, because saving the game saved the bug as well. Now my campaign is ruined because I basically can't traverse the map without constantly scroll wheeling up while moving around the map. Is there a way to rollback versions and try other versions? I don't think 1.7.1 is ready for the public.


I came back a few hours later and now the zoom out bug is gone, thankfully. This is crazy though. You know the game is fun when I keep trying to play even with these insane issues lol


I had a similar issue,
Windows 10 was saying all my drivers were up to date through Windows update.
They weren't.
I had to figure out how that all works because I'm a noob.
Off to nvidia I went After figuring out my graphics card was like 300 something and downloaded the latest 500 something driver.
Capped the frame rate to 40 and no crashes so far.
Might not be ur issue but worth checking out?
Goodluck :grin:
I'm testing 1.7.2 and the only crash i get is the - "attack Raider of a village" (an old bug returned to haunt). Apart from that, game is stable. Rarely stalls / stuttering, I'm always pushing the envelop for higher graphic quality and soldiers in the battle.

CPU - Ryzen 5 3600
GPU - 1080
RAM - 32 G



In your steam library right click on the game -> properties -> betas and there is a drop down menu where you can select the game version you want to play.
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