1.6 - dropping items rewards way less experienc3

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I like the system where you can unlock army upgrade from discarded weapons/armor in the steward perks
But when playing today it has been nerfed to the ground
Discarding item worth 40k+ only gives the army 300 Exp where as before the army got around 32k Experience

Please fix it ❤


It's still entirely possible to get tons of experience through the system, but it's currently bugged to only think that 1 of each item in a stack is being donated.


Smithing is the problem here - as usual with the Bannerlord economy lol.

You could trivially go from 100 tier 1 to 100 tier 6 by donating crafted weapons, for almost no cost.

Post nerf... it's still a way better perk than having any or every perk that gives XP per day.

I like the concept though, it gets old needing to level troops purely through spamming combat against weaker parties/bandits.

They should fix the stacking bug mentioned above at least.
Yeah they capped it, it's in the hotfix notes for 1.6 beta. So the tier of items can only give so much exp, regardless of the price.
I think there's also a bug where on the loot screen, discarding multiples of the same stuff didn't give exp the way it should, not sure if it got fixed yet.
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