[1.6.5] Simple issue when taking prisoners

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Noticed a small, but potentially frustrating issue when taking prisoners.

Reproduction steps:
1. Have some prisoners in your party
2. Defeat an enemy lord, take them as your prisoner
3. Get to the prisoner screen
4. Move your current prisoners to the left, so that they get sorted with the new prisoners
5. Move them back, expecting to get the most valuable ones from both your previous prisoners and the new ones
6. You don't get the enemy lord prisoners

The prisoner troops are wrongly sorted when there's a lord with them, all the troops take precedence over a lord when sorting them as prisoners.
Solution would be to simply adjust this sorting to make the lords the most important prisoners.

This could be very painful for a player that releases the enemy lord by accident.

Playing on 1.6.5.

Sir Frederic

An annoying problem, more after they added that mechanic that makes it easier to select the best troops, which works with the troop window too.

The problem is that noble prisoners probably don't have a fixed sale value like soldiers, it's probably zero. Its value varies according to wealth. If they put a minimum value for the prisoner window, higher than level 6 troops, perhaps the mechanics would consider them the most valuable prisoners.But surely this idea of mine would cause the nobles to be worth nothing later when they ask you for their release.


I don't know whether it sorts by the sale value or unit tier or something else, but I'm sure the person that coded it can find out very fast.

Update: checked in 1.7.0 stable and it's still happening.
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