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Hello, I've just downloaded this latest version and my game doesn't work any longer.

Of course I'm using mods so I guess I should remove them.

- Character Manager (excessively convenient to fix the heroes skills when they are footman with OneHanded.Cavalry perk for example)
- Fixed Pregnancy Control (dozens of children, everywhere I go lol, I'm really having fun with that one, I'm even going to have a child with Rhagaea ! :smile: )...
- Party AI Overhaul Commands Continued (well the latest version, which is not entirely fixing the parties behaviour but far more better than without anything to manage them)
- Caravan gives XP Redux (once at 150 trade I'm fed-up to trade and the thirst of fighting comes :smile:, and I'm not sure I won't be dead of old age before reaching 300 lol )
- Lord Retinue (advised in RBM I think)
- RBM AI Module (which I installed recently)
- RBM Combat Module

But I don't want to remove these mods so I'll go back to 1.6.3. for the moment.
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