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In Progress 1.6.4 Weirdly Large and Wide distance of helmet openings

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No, I didn't use any mods.
Summary: I've noticed for a while now that many of the helmets have weird visual issues, the nose guard sticks out really far and the coifs under helmets are loosely worn and far from character's faces. This makes for some goofy looking larger than would reasonably stay on someone's head helmets. I've seen previous posts with resolutions but I'm having this issue still. The nose guard distance is normal in the loading menu on the preview but the helmet looks like it's been smashed down on my character's head. I will try to post screenshots when I can.
It seems like it's almost every helmet has this issue here posted are some from my latest saves as well as the selections screens of both my latest and previous saves. The lower tier imperial open faced helms seem to also have this issue.

It's an issue for both male and female characters

Probably the worst culprit

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