1.6.3 Comes out today or tomorrow

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What if I gave one man some much-needed hope and he dies tomorrow? He dies happier because of my thread.

Check your privilege...

Also, I started in the initial post that it was a LARP. If someone is that excited about my thread and doesn't know what a LARP is then they're going to look it up.
What if they only managed to read the title and then died? Their last moment of happiness would actually be a lie. What a miserable end. And you are the reason for it. How dare you do it to them. You monster.


It means everything I said was a lie. But the intent was to bring some hype to the community with some hopeful daydream. Thought this thread could help bring some much-needed levity to the current climate between Taleworlds and its community.
It will help you to get on my ignore list indeed.


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It will help you to get on my ignore list indeed.
Don't care
You are a funny frog and a good frog, i appreciate you and command your efforts <3 I agree, we should give them a break. Being toxic only slows things down the cloud will hang over everyone's heads.
Cheers mate and thanks for the head's up!


This is now a happening thread.
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New features that I can't divulge as it may giveaway my insider. This is not a LARP and the new features will change the game in a gigantic way. Prepare yourselves for the best content patch to date.

Edit: This is a LARP, sorry.
Great 4 new haircuts and more detailed chicken models!!! AWESOME
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