1.6.1 Perk Adjustments for captain

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Replenished perk increasing the reloading speed by 25% means the it's the best perk for DPS and sustained fights, obfuscating other perks
bullseye perk effect seems overall unattractive, 10% head shot damage isn't something that really adds up in fights, I suggest making the perk increase archer accuracy
mounted archery perk not only gives you extra arrows but also gives you the ability to actually hit arrows while in movement, making it a no-brainer option, in my opinion the small shield (useless) perk should be replaced with an extra arrows perk, and mounted archery should lose its extra arrows effect.
Athletic isn't a very unique and attractive perk to most players, replace them with Throwing rocks
some sort of perk that adds random weaponry to units could also help peasants, at the moment I believe they are the worst class in captain and don't feel as fun as they previously were
I believe replacing athletic perk with a throwing weapon or spear perk might be a good call, I understand it is a situationally useful perk, but it's just not very exciting to be 7% faster in captain
Shield breaker is already a hard perk to make use of in captain, shields are more resistant in this gamemode, combine that with the fact that the menavlion isn't an axe so no bonus damage and you've got yourself a pretty undermining perk, many perks can replace it , like pin cushion or Sturdy
of all the classes after the update, heavy infantry has become the most bland, with battania, vlandia, empire and sturgia having essentially copied pasted perks with slightly different stats, I'd like to see some unique strenghts and weaknesses to each faction heavy infantry, maybe battania could have a throwing weapon perk but no maces, maybe sturgia could have stonger shields by default, maybe empire could have spears by default. maybe I can think of something later, but overall the class feels very boring at the moment

I think that's everything for now.
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Many of these don't really work for captains mode. But that's fair enough - it's early days and as we saw with 'extra troops' there is clearly bespoke captains perks now. Which will start to make a big difference. A few ideas I'd like to see;

Foot Knights:
Removes the horse and adds a few extra men. Might change up the way some classes can be played.
Auxiliary Detachment: Adds a couple bowmen to your infantry unit - giving you some light range - poke.
Looters: Gives your units random melee weapons. (for peasants / rabble etc).
Bannerman: Adds a bannerman to your unit that provides the same bonuses to your unit as in SP (when we get them).

Etc Etc... there is plenty of opportunities there.
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