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1.5 Onwards - Cavalry not using polearms

Would people like to see an order to whether to use/prefer long(polearm) or short weapons

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I've noticed in the multiplayer since 1.5.0 is that Cavalry units in captains mode will not equip or use polearms (lances/spears) and will only use their sidearms, regardless of the enemy they're facing/speed they are travelling. (Not sure if this also affects singleplayer)

The "old" system worked pretty well prior to 1.5, not sure what has changed, but it makes a lot of Cav units, particularly shock cav, pretty useless.

I can't see any posts about this, and it doesn't look as though this has come up. Are other people noticing this too?

Also, on a related note, if possible, could we get a weapon choice order, (maybe on the F4 order menu) so we can dictate whether to use/prefer long (polearms spears etc) or short (siderarms: swords axes etc) as well as hold fire + fire at will.
Would be much appreciated! Might actually make units like Sturgian "Spearmen" viable (could make small phalanxes etc). and enable players to prepare for engagements better than AI last minute swapping.

Have to say have been loving the game so far, even though its still EA. Can't wait to see what future updates bring, great job Taleworlds! Keep it up.


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Improvements on AI weapon selection are being worked on, it should fix these problems.
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