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I think Taleworlds should realize the importance of a good captain's mode. To play what is here called skirmish mode, we have several games; such as Chivalry and Mordhau. Yet the experience of leading a group of men into battle, where strategy counts for more than individual skill, is what truly makes Bannerlord and the Taleworlds games unique. This could become huge, and it is what sets Bannerlord apart from the other games available in the market. There is nothing like it anywhere else. I hope TW realizes this and gives us the balance that us captains mode players crave for. Honestly before the patch is was quite fine, there was a rock-paper-scissors component to the game, for example, if the enemy team went to heavy on the shock troops, we could counter with a lot of archers that would shred through the non-shielded units. Now that has been completely broken, there is only one way to play, which though I personally enjoy, will get dull quick, all for the sake of pleasing the skirmish people. Bring balance to the force, Taleworlds. You have a diamond in the rough here with this game, time to polish it and make it shine.

PS: Also, please give Battania some love.
this last update completely destroyed the archer class, now they are uselless, the shoot slow and are very innacurate, they need to revert the chanegs they did to the archers.
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