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Block delay

It does feel better, but I'd still love to see RMB completely override LMB with a block instead of the slower block it creates.

This is one my biggest pet peeves left in the game, it gets me killed way too often. Especially, considering how at one of the patches where TW accidentally allowed us to host private servers, I could just hold LMB the entire time while tap-blocking. Big sad.

Agree with most the points of OP, especially on the crushthrough bs.

Still think that the movement speed differences between ´classes´ is far too high even in combat still.

Also what was the reasoning for removal of stuns, feels like removing it only increases viability of spamming?


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Teamdamage or reflected would be easier to play against more opponents at once and Harder for bows.

And why i must leave the server after every round?

1.5 nice Patch, and i have fun to Play again ++


You can start your throw as you run then stop a sec and throw and it feels the same as before, same with archery, just gotta get used to it. Archery still needs more arrow drop, its just too easy.


Also crushthrough need to go

The concept of crush through doesn't even make much sense from a believable combat perspective anyway. "Blocks" are almost universally deflections or covering of an attack anyway, which if anything favor the defender if more force and follow through is committed. If an attacker is crushing through and causing injury, you messed up something.


If heavy cav's double-W(/E key) boost was reduced a lot it would give light cav a big cav v cav advantage which would be very interesting. Right now even though fast spears can be very good against other cav, heavy are still better in every situation. Manueverability stat affecting the double-W/double-S could add a lot of depth to both class and perk selections.


Archery is more boring to play, yet it feels more lethal than before, and landing shots appears to be easier to my eyes. The aim delay feel is as fun as pulling a teeth off, and I end up shooting way before the perfect reticule, despite that the effectiveness is very high in that case. So it's shooting like before, but with the reticule bothering your sight. To me everything is dangerously looking more like Warband, and while I welcome some of the latest changes ( I can block again for instance), game feels slow, not necessarily more tactical or skill based, and less fun than the previous build.


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A select minority of players act like combat similar to Warband is this terrible thing.

Warband with updated, smoother animations and new mechanics is all the community has ever wanted.

You don’t see the people who just want a better Warband voicing their opinion as much on here because they all are still either playing Warband because they think it’s better or have completely moved on from the series.

There is a really good reason that Warband Native has more active players than Bannerlord Multiplayer. 1.5 was an excellent step towards building that better game. Now that we can block and attack in ways we expect to be able to in a Mount&Blade title, we can focus on refining the combat to the point of perfection.
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