Resolved 1.5.7 Tournament Damage Bug: Armor does not actually reduce damage.

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Hey all,

I started a fresh playthrough with 1.5.7, clean install with no mods.

Playing in tournaments I noticed I was knocked out by a blow reporting 88 damage (20ish) mitigated by armor. My character was at 100% health, early game with no HP modifiers. This means my character should have had 100hp going into the tourney, and obviously 88<100. I should not have been one shot by that blow.

This lead me to test it again, this time with some screen shots.
100hp screen, just before entering tourney.
Test one: Tournament Damage
25blunt, 6 absorbed, 3 from traits (34 Total)
61 damage, 15 absorbed. (76 Total)
Resulting in KO.

25+61= 86 damage. (Should still be fighting)
34+76= 110 damage. (Knock out, as it exceeds my characters 100hp Pool)

Test Two: Campaign Map Damage
blunt damage from looter:
Started with 100hp,
Took a hit for 15 damage, 4 absorbed (19 damage total)
I then retreated to check my HP bar... 85hp! Huzzah!
My quick conclusion is that this bug is limited to damage in tournaments.
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I had to step away from the PC so I haven’t been able to add more posts. I have a few more screenshots of taking hits in tournaments and the texts not matching my damage though. One of 98 to the head, with the damage icon that pops up listing -98 (you can see this icon in my first image on the bottom right corner of the screen, with a -25). If that is the “actual” damage that I’m supposed to take, I should still be standing from a 98 hit.

It seems to me that the text is correctly calculating all of the damage modifiers, but bugged in how much damage you actually receive. I’m really curious to see what happens in a campaign battle.

Could it be the blunt damage ignoring armor in tourney?
Edit: I was just able to get back to the PC and checked a looters rock damage. That, at least, was correct. I think you are correct in that this bug is limited to absorbed damage in tournaments is not being reduced, at least for the player.
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Hi! Could you upload your save file to so that we can reproduce the issue faster. You can find the save file here:
C:\Users\username\Documents\Mount and Blade II Bannerlord\Game Saves
Please include the link to this thread in the description box on the upload website so I can identify it.
As the required information was not provided within 2 weeks, this thread is marked as resolved. If the issue still continues, please update this thread.
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