Need More Info [1.5.7 beta] Quests given by village notables are "seasonal"

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No, I didn't use any mods.
Quests which are given by village notables change over time globally. I will give example.
At the beginning a lot of them give "manual laborers" quest, and maybe "seed grain". There are some different ones among them, but general trend is that most of them tend to require one thing. Then there is shift to another type of quests, and now suddenly everyone explores the art of trade (viral hobby without internet, what a wonderful world) and wants their herd delivered.
And then after some time, everybody need help with brigands and have no draught animals in their village. They have to have some social media, BannerBook or something, to shift interests all at once.

While seasoness of some of them (e.g. seed grain around spring) is justified, there is too much of a global trend of issues available in villages. In Cities this may be also the case, but I do not see it in such proportions, and is not that visible.
I will upload save to where I experienced this.
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