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Presently, whenever there is a rebellion in a settlement due to low loyalty/security, a new clan named "<Settlement> rebels" is created, takes control of the settlement and wages war against the settlement's previous owner clan/faction.

The problem with the current design is: (a) the number of clans that are eventually created (b) with the same name. I've just had another "Husn Fuq rebels" clan be created in my game, each with different nobles, because the Khuzait failed to take good care of Husn Fuq, which they had taken from the first "Husn Fuq rebels", who had rebelled against their previous Aserai owners.

My suggestion to the handling of this issue is the pre-creation of one fixed "rebel" clan for each settlement. The same clan (not yet another with the same name and different nobles) would always take control of the settlement whenever it rebels, a big penalty to relationship with the clan would be applied (-50 or a reset to -50, it shouldn't start at 0) whenever a rebellion happened and war would be automatically (re)declared.

In the event that the player chose to execute all of the clan's nobles, more nobles should be added to the same clan (in the event of another rebellion) to keep it alive and prevent the journal from getting spammed.

I have to comment that, I have two views on your post, having only one would make that clan weaker if it rebels vs more than one faction, on the other side would be nice since would be as if player was the one rebelling, since all the lords would see them as a thread. Also some of this rebels can become part of another kingdom, which means having only one clan per settlement would be difficult.

I'd like to add to your post, that a city/castle fief that becomes "rebel" effectively converts all garrison within, it doesn't matter if troops are from another culture.

I think there's and old post around speaking about a rebelions system, that basically under x % rebelions parties are created near the fief and mix to become stronger.

Would be nice if settlement was "sieged" by this parties and only troops of the same culture to convert instead of "auto" rebel. This would need to be a special kind of siege scene that fights happens inside the city.


Concerning the relative weakness of the single rebel clan versus more than one enemy faction, could the adding of more nobles and more parties to the clan (more people rallying to the cause) for each subsequent rebellion solve that problem?

Alternatively, I don't think the multiplicity of rebel clans from the same settlement would be a big problem if each one had its own unique name, in which case it would be just like the procedural generation of new clans when too many nobles have been executed in order to keep the game populated, though the possibility of the encyclopedia (and the game) getting spammed with rebel clans would still be an eventual certainty.

On a related subject, after coming back to BL after a good couple of months, I noticed new "the Alone" and "the Swift" "wanderers" are still created for each "Rescue Noble's Daughter" mission and stay in the encyclopedia along with the "normal" (hirable companion) wanderers. They often confuse me and I end up roaming areas searching for a wanderer that I can't actually find or hire (and doesn't even have skills). I believe "Family Feud" missions behave similarly. In order not to spam my encyclopedia with new "fake wanderers" I just don't do those quests.

In case TaleWorlds has future plans to make these currently "fake" wanderers into fully fledged, hirable wanderers with atributes and skills, I'd see absolutely no problem with that. Much to the contrary, that would be an amazing feature which would make me actually look for those quests in order to diversify my game's pool of hirable wanderers.
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