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1.5.4 able to get every item via inventory for free no mods

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The Great Grub

i recently reinstalled bannerlord and made a new game save with no mods active yet when i went into my inventory out in the wilds of calradia i have every item ingame on the left side of the inventory and i can take it all for free???? also when i go into the other tabs such as party and quests i get a horrible freeze for around 2 seconds. see image below i just took 10 purebloods for free


Grandmaster Knight
You have cheats enabled.

To disable them, open the dev console and type config.cheatmode 0


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First try going to your Documents folder/Bannerlord/configs/engine.config and there is a line "cheat mode" , the value should be 0, if it's not, change it to 0 and save the file.
The cheat mode also allows you to teleport to any location using ctrl+LeftClick
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