In Progress 1.5.2 beta - NPC parties are STILL not recruiting while in Army

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No, I didn't use any mods.


  • Since 9/2 and the release of 1.5.1 NPC-led parties have stopped auto-recruiting when I am leading them in an Army and we enter settlements and villages.
  • I first reported this bug in 1.5.1 and I'm reporting it again for 1.5.2.
How to Reproduce:
  • Form an with NPC-led parties and walk into a village or settlement.
Quest/Settlement Name (if related):
  • N/A
Media (Screenshots & Video):
  • I previously uploaded my safe file for 1.5.1. I will upload another save file for this campaign on 1.5.2.
  • I saw YouTube video, possibly from a link on these forums, that shows the same issue. I don't have the link.
@mexxico said in this post from Sep 6 that the problem had been found and would be fixed at the next hotfix.
@MArdA TaleWorlds, has the problem been found and is the fix coming in the next hotfix? Or is there any update for this?

I've had three campaigns ended prematurely because of this bug. The game is unplayable past clan level 2 if the player-led armies can't recruit.

Any information will be appreciated.

Thank you.

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There is no need to open a thread for the same issue. This is known by the developers and hopefully will be fixed as soon as possible.
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