In Progress [1.5.10 Beta] Sister didn't get any Education events, Sister joins underpowered

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No, I didn't use any mods.
Summary: Typically you get a couple Education options for you sister in Campaign mode, however none triggered in my game started in 1.5.10 beta. Sister joins with kind of low attributes compared to recent games in 1.5.9 and much lower then Player character, NPC lords and adult children in 1.5.9 (haven't had one grow up in 1.5.10). The younger brother has had 2 education triggers so far, as expected.
I must say, I know from past bugs that thing regarding education triggers and the spawning of siblings can be difficult to recreate, but I feel it should be brought forth since in 1.5.9 the sibling worked pretty well AFAIK.
How to Reproduce: Rescue family in Campaign mode, let game progress till around day 270+/autumn 1087, see if sister got any education triggers and how she has spawned.
Have you used cheats and if so which: NO

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If I remember correctly in my campaigns if I completed the "Rescue Your Family mission" a little bit later than usual the sister wouldn't get the 14th birthday education. So I think that while they are captured ("Rescue Your family" quest is not completed) they do age but you dont get to educate them. But Im not sure if this is the case.

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Forwarded to the QA team for further investigation. We will reach out again if we need more information. Thanks for reporting and sorry for any inconvenience!

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I have had this issue always... to the extent that I thought this was normal and that you actually created them to be this useless ??? (tought the training system you have built is meant for children that start at age 0, but since siblings start at what 12 and 14? they will not get the full training)... But seeing this post, is it reallly a bug? Do people really get siblings with high stats? My game is totally unmodded so...

The oldest one, the sister, I get to train once so she always come of age with only 1 attribute point. The younger brother will get two training periods so he comes out with two attribute points... both are pretty damn useless tho compared to all other characters in the game, who have like what, 20 points?, at the age of 20...
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