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Summary: All non official translations not anymore available in beta release 1.5.10 since May 17 patch.

Hi Bannerlord development team,

In the very last update of beta release 1.5.10 put on line May 17, you introduced a new file named xx_functions.xml in the folders Native\ModuleData\Languages\<XX> for all languages, including those that are not yet official. This file intends to introduce for all languages the new function PLURAL that appeared in the game in release 1.5.9.

The issue is that this file contain one line that prevent the language to appear in the dedicated language option:
<tag under_development="true" />

Which means that since this small patch, all the non-official translations become unavailable. People were playing in French or German since several months, and suddenly, from one day to the other, their preferred language disappeared. This is not acceptable!

For all users there is a simple solution: open the file xx_functions.xml that has been created into the folder dedicated to your language and change the tag under_developement to false, your usual language shall be back in the options.

Dear TaleWorlds developers, please suppress this line from all the files that you added into our language folder because you cannot prevent thousand of your users to play with the language they prefer. You perfectly know that it is possible to find into a famous site as Nexus for example complete translations in French or German since the very beginning of the Early Access. These translations are complete and used by thousand of people since more than one year.

And you know the better? Your PLURAL function works perfectly in French! Which means that you make disappear a complete translation because you fear that the new function cannot work in non official languages, when it works. Too bad!

So please suppress this line in the next update of release 1.5.10. If the PLURAL function doesn't work in a certain language, the translators are clever guys, they will not use it, it is as simple as that. This is what we did in French for the release 1.5.9 because we saw that the PLURAL function was not working and generated a big bug into the displayed texts: we did not used it into the translation. But now, due to the new xx_functions.xml files, it works, so the next release of our French translation shall contain the PLURAL function in the three (3) lines of std-sandBox.xml that have it in English.

Thanks for a fast update of 1.5.10 that will make all the non-official translations to be back... until the official translations exist.

MArdA TaleWorlds

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Forwarded to the developers for further investigation. We will reach out again if we need more information. Thanks for reporting and sorry for any inconvenience!
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