Resolved [1.5.0] Crash if 'Screen Space Reflection' is disabled

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OS: Win 8.1 Pro 64x
GPU: Nvidia Quadro K1200 4GB (latest driver for this card 441.66)
CPU: Xeon E3 1225 v2
Motherboard: HP 6300 Pro
Storage Device (HDD/SSD): SSD 120GB

If 'Screen Space Reflection' is disabled -- no graphics during character creation just menus. Also glitches, look at screenshot, there is no character 3d model.

Also when I click next on last character creation screen to start game -- nothing happens, just stuck. No crash errors, nothing.
I need to Alt+F4 to kill the game.

If 'Screen Space Reflection' is enabled -- everything works well, I can play. I tried almost all graphic performance setting and I think problem with 'Screen Space Reflection' setting.

If you need logs or files, I can provide it. Thanks.

(but game still playable for me, I don't care about this problem)
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