Need More Info [1.4.3] Baravenos Encirclement - wonky ballista

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I've noticed this on the custom siege server so far (will try to test it out on the quick play once people start playing again ). The ballista on the attackers side, the one on the right side - close to the trebuchet and siege tower, shoots the bolts roughly 45 degrees to the right, from the crosshair. The other one to the left side on the attackers side seems to be shooting normally.

I'm wondering whether anyone else is having this issue or does it happen on the other servers.

Many thanks for looking into this and sorry if this has already been reported (I did not find any threads when searching for ballista and Baravenos Encirclement on this forum)
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The QA team informed me that they were unable to reproduce this issue in the most recent version of the game. Are you still experiencing this issue?
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