1.4.1 Campaign Siege Attacking AI broken.

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So, I've just made a siege battle on the defending side. I've actually managed to kill or wound 700 men out of 800 army, and the AI is completely broken, the attacking soldiers NEVER LOSE MORALE. They are immune to morale loss making their Zerg rush extremely effective.

I've said time and time again that offensive siege AI is ridiculous, they take fortified positions with too much ease. I've also noticed that the AI cheats too, I've had a mongrel on the defending side before the siege it simply vanished and got subbed by a useless ballista, poof, gone before they had anything to destroy it with.

ATM, I'm really pissed, 1.4.1 has just made the game into an all round annoying experience, grind is worse now, economy nerfs have destroyed any viability of owning only a castle (even by spamming workshops + 1 caravan and keeping a non-elite army I was still getting negative income from -300 up to -1500).
It's also making playing as a mercenary a "pay to play" experience (you can only survive economically as a mercenary if you own at least 2 caravans + workshops + keeping the influece above 20, keeping it above 20 as a mercenary is ridiculously hard, you literally have to spam battles on a endless stream to do that).

I've warned you that those nerfs were nonsensical, well, here's the result. So, to make the game "viable" you are forced to skip being mercenary, rush straight into vassal and if you are granted a castle instead of a town, you HAVE to leave the kingdom, if you stay with the castle it'll handicap you until the ridiculous fief cap is raised by reaching certain clan level (AI you'll not allow you to own 2 fiefs prior to that). So, what was already a narrow path to success in the game has become a needle hole. There's no other viable way to play if you want any economical stability. I also think that if this happens to us, players, it probably happens to the AI lords that own only a single ****ing castle as well...

Those things need fixing ASAP.

Late game these issues become trivial because you'll be owning many fiefs.
Currently "merchant" playthrough is not interesting, and the passive income for that sucks (workshops), caravans give a more reasonable money but it's kind of "RNG", and they get destroyed too easily by ****ing minor clans that for no reason become hostile. The pace is too annoying, and the gameplay for a merchant straight out boring.
Going minor vassal with a single castle is practical suicide, you'll lose the fief too easily because of the siege meta, and to even stand a chance on defending and keeping the fief, you'll be paying 3k gold a day at minimum, no matter how prosperous the villages and the castle are.
You are forced into owning at least a town, and pray that you don't get target by enemies, because if you do, you'll lose it, it's a given. The only chance you stand is if you manage to build a elite only army and a mostly elite garrison, and even so, if you get attacked by 2 towers + ram, you'll lose because you can't even control what siege engines to build on the defending side.

Then there's the "cheesy" way, which's to spam crafting early on and sell crafted gear with broken prices. By doing that it's possible to get over 1 million gold in less than 1 in-game year (it may be possible to go way over that, if you are a masochist and endures the stamina thing sitting in the town for hours while totally denying leveling any skills other than Smith), given you are lucky enough to unlock crafting parts with really high damage that is. In fact, the crafting seems to be much more useful for that than it is to get weapons you want for your build, because of the RNG attached to unlocking it. I bet that this is the next nerf
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I also think that if this happens to us, players, it probably happens to the AI lords that own only a single ****ing castle as well...
Yeah, in my game, there are many castles that only have 25-30 men in garrison, their lords also have tiny parties, even though they have been holding onto the same fiefs for a long time. They are probably just perpetually too poor to afford anymore men...