OSP Oriental 2D Art 1.3 Yiyang Chen's new faces textures

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Yiyang Chen

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Some faces I made by Photoshopping

including face textures from other downloads

- 24 Female faces
- 39 male faces
- A completed Jed Q face collection
- The wedding dance mod's faces
- The Hanhun mod's faces
- Thel's Faces
- Some Asian faces from HanHun Totalwar mod
- Something for 1866
- Something for WW2 in china battlefield(or whatever it's called)
And I hope the two mods above will move to Warband as soon as possible
- And the best thing is you don't have to download other faces after downloading this :grin:
- bug fixed
- Something funny I forgot

I wanna thank jed q, the wedding dance mod, thel, the han hun mod and some chinese modders.

And again download them and use them as you want. And don't ask me for permission.

Download here



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Great faces :smile:

Please make some Chinese / Mongol peoples, especially females... the current faces for non-white peoples are really lacking, imo, and I would love to see some nicely done Asian faces...


Sergeant Knight
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when you type in the more needed text i cant seem to get it working, doing it wrong help


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I have got the problem with installing, the last thing what you have to do is put load_mod_resource = materials_face_gen_yiy under load_resource = town_houses_e , but in any of my mods (include native) load_resource = town_houses_e isn´t... I tried to put it under load_resource = town_houses_c or d but it don´t work...

Do you have any idea where should i put it?