1.2.x workshops seem to be broken

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The new system for workshop seems to be pretty much broken. After some time it says it is not profitable and production was halted.
So how is capital and profit generated in there? It shouldbe somehow possible to manage profit and capital of the workshop.
Most seem to be working okay if you have them in appropriate cities that aren’t doubled up (trying to avoid someone else getting in on the cheap grain in Sanela, for instance, is tough. You almost have to buy the other two stalls yourself to avoid it).

The one that is completely broken is The wool weaver. Every month you just lose 100 from the wages and they never buy anything or produce anything.
As I said on the other thread related to workshops in the general section, try to get workshops in high prosperity towns. Workshops are not great in early game, caravans are a better option, but in mid/late game workshops are much better than caravans.

I was getting about 900 daily from a winery in Seonon, because I owned the town and reached +8k prosperity, so there was a high demand of food and resources.
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