1.2 - party expenses doubled when i bought 2nd workshop - why? Also - can't see expenses detailed...

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I have like 25 troops that are all khuzait tier 1 noble son - they cost like 60gold total - my total party wages was like 70ish then i bought a second workshop and now it's 140ish all of a sudden. I go to the accounting screen and hit "alt" for more information and the overlay does not load. What is costing me 70 more golf all of a sudden??? I have no keeps, i'm clan tier 2 - this is a brand new play through.... Also my brother dude got married recently - any of these things triggers double party wages all of a sudden??? It's so frustrating to come upon one bug and then i can't even diagnose what is going on because of SECOND bug hiding the information from me!!!!! Maybe you should regression test some of your code sometimes?!?!?!
Am I paying 20 gold PER companion character in my party? I have my campaign brother character, h is wife, and one companion. They are costing me 20 gold each????
also did you guys notice the command audio in battle is completely independent of the game's audio settings? Only way to lower it is to lower overall windows audio level for that audio device - pro coding
Maybe your workshop is not making profit? This happens sometimes and then money gets deducted from your treasury.
You can check that if you open up clan page by pressing L ingame, choose the tab where u see your workshops and see if the workshop is making profit or not.
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