1.010 Lords of War Rebuild. (New Map - WIP, p2)

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Markus II

Hello all.

Firstly I must apologise for the lack of replies/updates. Some rather serious personal issues have cropped up in the last few months that have prevented my work on both this mod and another Taleworlds project currently underway.

I do have every intention of continuing with 867 A.D Lords of War at a future point, but given the time required for a full port/expansion of the mod, it won't see completion for some time.

I thank all of those members who continue to support the mod with their enthusiasm and interest, and I hope to bring some news regarding the mod soon.

-Markus II


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Sorry to hear about the personal issues, but glad to hear the mod is still on your mind and not completely forsaken  :smile:


Good to hear from you again Markus.  I hope your personal issues will be resolved in the best possible way for you and I hope to see Lords of War come alive again when you are able to finish it.


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It is truly a blessing from the Flying Spaghetti Monster to hear you are still around that the new version is still in the works. I wish you luck in dealing with whatever **** fate is shoveling at you.


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Take as much time as you need to sort out your issues Markus, we will be waiting here when you're ready to continue the mod again.


Uff.. I was born again! I didn't notice, that Markus has appeared again since spring, so I was reading this thread from beginning in very nostalgic mood, page by page. What a big suprice at page 7 :grin:

I just want to say, that I am playing this mod until now.. actually until the next version will be released  :wink:

You have all my sympathies for the work you have done at this mod.. and I hope you will continue again.

Good luck Markus


This is my favourite mod as well (along with Hundred Years War) and always check back looking for updates.  I really appreciate your wonderful mod, keep up the good work!


Ye know, Markus' profile is still active on these forums, so let's not lose heart!  867 is truly one of the best and most atmospheric M&B mods ever made, if not THE best, so I'm still hopeful that one day it'll be finished!


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Yes, he's just lurking instead of posting. Markus, as others have said, take your time - just don't jump straight to Warband!  :wink:


Believe me or not, Markus like Arthur is hiding in some cave in the Britain and he will rise one day to save his homeland (that is the mod).  :smile:
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