0.26 - While king, most troops from all owned villages are missing.

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Hi again.

For some reason, being a king leads to being unable to recruit troops from all villages owned by your faction. To clarify, JUST the villages. Castles and towns work perfectly.

I've tried it with all cultures, too. The only troops you can recruit from villages are the two lowest tier troops, which are the melee and ranged peasants.

This leads to the problem of not being able to recruit unique troops from villages, like the Maiden of Aldelen.

I'd appreciate a fix or maybe even a workaround where I can move the Maiden of Aldelen somewhere else to be recruited.

I am willing to tinker with the module system for this.

Thank you!

P.S. I think it's also worth mentioning that I've also tried it on a clean install of both Warband and Silverstag, and the problem still persists.