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1.5.8 BUG report - I don't know if anyone has reported this but in my 1.5.8 save the tournament arenas become totally blacked out and dark - more or less half of the time. It's so dark you cannot see.

A reload of the game fixes this... but only for a short time - then the bug returns.


The map problems related to villagers not supplying cities are quite game-breaking actually.
Assuming it will get worse the economy will be crippled quickly for towns with villages affected by it.
For my playthrough that was about 6 villages for Battania alone just stuck with 2-3 of parties of villagers each.
Hardly anything could be bought for trade in cities with affected villages. That's on a fresh e1.3.0 playthrough but is reported to happen as well on old save.
Why does no one mention the most jarring issue, which is memory leaks whenever you open any menu(character page, page in encyclopedia, settlement quick menu whatever) on 1.5.8???

From what I've gathered this also occurs on the stable branch, shouldn't this sort of thing get hot fixed?
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