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That's a bad decision. Killing the horse is so much easier than killing the player. And while fighting a single dismounted player is more difficult it's something every cav player should be able to do.
It also screws up the ingame duelmode.

I accept that rule, I just think it won't be fun.
It should be a penalty not a reward from my pov.

Yes rules veri read just ban kontos and change dismounting to make it gud
I have read and agreed the rules.

(but getting dismounted need to be a loose. its a cav dool tournament.)
Ok so...
Firstly the rule was dismount does not equal a win and you have to keep fighting on foot, then we "realized" that this is a cav duel tournament and people who are good at infantry will just let their horse die and keep fighting on foot most likely resulting in a win for them.
We received many complaints about the rule, people said that this is a cav tournament and watching your horse and protecting its head etc etc is a part of cavalry duels which I agree on.
We did a poll, wanted everyone to vote.
We got the result that people want dismount=win by majority. So no, we won't be switching back sorry.
I believe necessary precautions have been taken to minimize the cheesing to dismount people like throwables and bows. We might make another restriction on that later on.


New rule has been added.
  • Usage of kontos, glaive and menavlion is banned, both dismounted and on horseback.
This is likely the last rule update there is going to be.
Good luck to everyone.


The lose if you get dismounted rule is actually an interesting mechanic IMO, it makes it less skirmish like sure but it is way more Duel like.

Just protect your horse, it also prevents people from just holding up their shield as you cannot kick and makes the fight way more dynamic.
Horses have a ****ton of HP so in close combat it is hard to do a lot of damage to a horse


I have read and agreed to the rules.



he read and agreed to the rules
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