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EU Duel Completed 🐎ABCD - A Bannerlord Cavalry Duel (Tournament)🐎

Added to Calendar: 15/08/21

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Name: Takashiru

He has read the rules.


Two new rules and two rule changes have been applied.
Make sure to read them too.
  • Dismounting the other player will reward you the round.
  • No throwables of any kind are allowed.
  • Purposefully getting off your horse to fight on foot will result in the round being awarded to the opponent.
  • Tournament type will be double elimination style.
Good luck to everyone.

Ikea Knight

Master Knight
Dismounting the other player will reward you the round.

That's a bad decision. Killing the horse is so much easier than killing the player. And while fighting a single dismounted player is more difficult it's something every cav player should be able to do.
It also screws up the ingame duelmode.

I accept that rule, I just think it won't be fun.


"I have read and agreed the rules."




Yes rules veri read just ban kontos and change dismounting to make it gud
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