EU TDM Completed ⚔ EVENT: Massacre in Druimmor Forest (December, 19th)

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December 19, 1020

The imperial occupation of land of Battania continued to deplete the already impoverished treasury of the Calradic Empire from the last civil war. The recent attempt to assassinate the Emperor had failed, and dozens of senators were executed. The Calradic Empire of continued to sink into a state of deep decline. As a result, another attempt to subjugate Battania turned into a failure for the Empire. On December 13, 1020, the imperial legions were ordered to leave the Druimmor lands.

On a cold December morning, the gates of Druimmor Castle opened with a sharp squeak. On its march, the imperial army, to the sound of the drum, left the foreign land and moved south, back to the Empire. Behind them, they left the great Battanian fortress, which they had to siege with such a struggle, and now they had to leave it. This castle was their last stop with a warm hearth, nourishing food and solid walls, before meeting the harsh winter of Battania and the dense forests of Druimmor.

The first to leave the gate were the cataphracts led by stratilates Andronicus. Being ridden on large thoroughbred horses, carefully groomed, covered with the top with popon and various kinds of armor, they demonstrated the Imperial army's greatness. The riders themselves were dressed in lamellar armour, and their heads were crowned with flamboyant helmets with gilding. In their hands, they carried long cavalry peaks along with purple shields, which were decorated with imperial heraldry. And although preferences in weapons were different, almost each of them owned a skillfully made blade of Damascus steel, captured in the long campaigns against Aserai, which once again demonstrated the nobility and grandeur of the imperial army. One hearse attack could crush any formation, leaving behind piles of dead and trampled bodies.

The cataphracts were followed by legionaries, the best infantrymen of the Empire, famous for their excellent discipline. Dressed entirely in collar, with occasional lamellar breastplates, they were not inferior to the cataphracts in greatness, although they were armed in a more practical and simple maner. But with each passing year, the number of legionaries became smaller. The natives of the Empire, from whom legionnaires were recruited, preferred entrepreneurship over military service.

The new core of the imperial army - mercenaries, from the farthest corners of Calradia, and light shooters, the basis for which were peasants and slaves, acting as support and cannon fodder.

The army was moving farther and farther away from the castle, deeper and deeper into the thick of the forest. Marching along the path, the imperial army was surrounded by high tree tops, and only sometimes in the distance one could hear a hawk's voice, as if he was warning of trouble, diluting the monotonous noise of snorting horses, carts and marching column of foot soldiers. People, who knew this area, could distinguish the barely visible shape of deer in the thickets of dense forest, but they quickly hid, afraid of uninvited guests.

Andronicus himself, was unobtrusive and very dissatisfied with the retreat. His horse, named 'Ferocious', walked reluctantly with his head down, as if transmitting the mood of his master. Andronicus Legion suffered great losses throughout the war against Battania, and recently arrived recruits hadn't yet had time to settle down, and now they all faced a long and dangerous transition, for which they were not yet ready. The sun was already approaching sunset, as a sudden arrow piersed the breastplate of the standart-bearer behind Andronikh. The dying horseman pushed the banner into the ground with his last strength, and at that moment the battle cry of the Battanian horn was heard from the forest. The battle was inevitable.



Team 1

Infantry ≈ 20
Team 2
XIIIth Tagma

Infantry ≈ 30
Cavalry ≈ 10

Team 1

Infantry ≈ 15
Team 2
La Légion du Cerbère

Infantry ≈ 15
Team 3
Keyboard Warriors

Infantry ≈ 15
Team 4
Destiny Masters

Infantry = 12

Time of the event:
The event will take place on December 19th at 19.00 CET

Features of the event:
Everything will be, given the opportunities that we have, as close as possible to the battle from Warband. We will use a map from Captain Mode with deathmatch enabled. We have already conducted a test event, you can see the video below:


General rules of the event:
  • Each of the participants of the event should be present in discord 20 minutes before the event. Everyone will have access to a microphone within a dedicated channel, for a particular clan or group. Leaders of subdivisions will be additionally connected to the voice chat system for faster communication and coordination.
  • The administration can change clans between factions to maintain a balance of the commands.
  • For trolling or/and insults you can get a mass complaint.
  • Do not share the password from the server with other participants.
  • Notify the administrators in advance if you can't get enough people for participation.

Rules of combat, building and movement:
  • After you have fallen in battle, do not enter the battle again, and wait for the announcement of the next round.
  • A member of a squad must not break the line or try to bypass the enemy alone or in a small group. The maximum distance from the line is 2-3 meters.
  • A squad consists of a minimum of 10 people, in case of lack of players in the squad, it will be merged with another.
  • The commander may take any class (except the archer and provided that he must remain on foot (if he does not command the cavalry)).
  • If you are a rider and your horse was killed, try to join the infantry unit on foot.
  • Archers should be near the infantry.

The rules for the choice of classes:
  • For every 5 infantrymen in a squad you can take one archer.
  • The cavalry on the battlefield will be represented by one squad (5 for heavy and 7 for light).

Unfortunately, we have reached the limit for possible participants.
Single players:
Steam ID:
I have read and agreed with the rules.

Team Name:
Leader Steam ID:
Number of people who will attend:
We  have read and agreed with the rules.


Kalistrat ( TW forum / Steam )
Alexander (
TW forum / Steam

Special thanks to:
Callum, for his help with event organising
NIN3, for in detail consultation
Kalistrat, for thread design, lore
CKyHC, for artwork
Reysai, for Russian to English translation
BlackCount, for drafting regulations

We will regularly update the topic and keep you informed.


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I'm excited to see this, what an incredible first effort for some organised battle.

Beautiful post also.


Clan Name: House-Hessian
Leader Steam: Duke Jakob van Bicke
Number of people who will attend: I'd say about 15-20 for now. I'll update the numbers when I got more feedback from my boys
We have read and agreed with the rules: Yes
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Amazing, this will be very cool to watch, and hopefully participate if time allows, the closest we are to the actual battle mode, the better.
May i also suggest you apply this thread for the calendar here


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Clan Name: House-Hessian
Leader Steam: Duke Jakob van Bicke
Number of people who will attend: I'd say about 15-20 for now. I'll update the numbers when I got more feedback from my boys
We have read and agreed with the rules: Yes
Clan Name: La Légion du Cerbère
Leader Steam ID:
Number of people who will attend: Between 10 & 15 will update when i'll know exactly
We have read and agreed with the rules
Clan Name: Keyboard Warriors
Leader Steam ID:
Number of people who will attend: Between 10 & 15 will update when i'll know exactly
We have read and agreed with the rules
Clan Name: Destiny Masters
Leader Steam ID:
Number of people who will attend: 12
We have read and agreed with the rules.

Can we join as singleplayers and request to play together?

Love the idea! :grin:
Of course friend! Registration form above. ?
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Clan Name: The Chide Village
Leader Steam: Runcop
Number of people who will attend: 10 to 15
We have read and agreed with the rules: Yes
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