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♦The 1tes Schlesisches Infantrie Regiment [DISBANDED] [THREAD GIVEAWAY]

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1tes Schlesisches Infantrie Regiment
1. Musketier Kompanie
Pro Gloria et Patria!


Silesian Musketeers in battle formation



The 1tes has disbanded and I'm giving away parts of the thread to help others.

The 1tes is a regiment dedicated to playing Napoleonic Wars community hosted events, these are also known as Line-Battles. We aim for historical accuracy in our gameplay as we reenact how Prussian musketeers fought in formations. The regiment is lead by Kapitan Menelaos and started under a different name in June 2012. I have 7 months of prior experience and want to provide an enjoyable NW experience to everybody interested in a mature regiment. Our default playing class is 8. Brandenburgishe Infantrie Regiment for ingame playing on Prussia. These men closely resemble Silesien musketeers with the exception of the gold hand and neck cuffs. If interested in joining you may submit an application via PM or on this thread, Or Add me on Steam, Or submitting an application on our website. Our teamspeak is : (Prussian Army) and the link to download teamspeak is Here, select the correct client version. Our regiment requires that all members be added to the steam group and have Teamspeak 3 to coordinate. To be added to the steam group make sure you have Me added. Once this is all done, you may attend events at your own discretion. Training is mandatory and Mod events and anything you cannot make is not mandatory. We are seeking active players, if you cannot be active it is understandable but please try to make events that you can.


Historical Information

After the defeat of the Prussian Army by Napoleons Army in 1806, the whole Kingdom of Prussia was reformed. Also General von Scharnhorst and General von Gneisenau reformed the Prussian Army together. The 10th Regiment of foot played an important role in the Waterloo Campaign. They took place in the battle of Lutzen where the Prussians avoided another Austerlitz and took many French lives.
Wittgenstein and Blücher were in danger of suffering another defeat on the scale of Austerlitz, but the green and exhausted French troops, who had been marching and fighting all day long, could not follow through. In addition, darkness was closing in as night approached. This allowed the allied force to retreat in good order. The lack of French cavalry meant there would be no pursuit. Napoleon lost 19,655 men killed and wounded, while the Prussians lost 8,500 and the Russians 3,500 killed, wounded and missing.
The 1st Silesien or 10th Infantrie-Regiment was part of the 16th Infanterie-Brigade which was lead by Oberst Hiller von Gaertringen (6.130 men), under the IV Armee-Korps: lead by Friedrich Wilhelm Count von Dennewitz Bülow. We represent a Kompanie of 1st Battailon, which had 2 Zugs "Platoons", at full strength a single Zug had 50 men. We use historical tactics and try to truly revive what was one of the finest regiments in Prussia at the time. The Silesiens had magnificent colored golden cuffs. It was a defining trait for them. The area that was Silesia was in Poland but held by Prussia. They spoke their own tongue and they were the most proud in the Prussian army.
In 1815 Count Bülow received Dennewitz command of the 4th Army Corps. By a forced march he succeeded after the battle of Ligny, the association with Blucher's Army Corps. In Plancenoit scored his army corps the decisive break in the Napoleonic lines and so the battle of Waterloo decided on 18.6.1815 in favor of the Allies. He was appointed Governor of West and East Prussia.
Uniforms of Soldiers & Officers


Code of Conduct

1.By joining in any shape or form you agree to all of these terms and not to protest them, the rules are not up for discussion.
2.Members are never to agrue with officers or administrative players in-game and use public chat abusively. You must respect other players and their wishes and listen to orders as they are given to execute them with precision.
3.All members must wear their tags ingame and make the promise never to misrepresent by actions we do not condone. Anyone that is not part of the regiment faces serious consequence.
4.Teamskills are not to be made in linebattles or public servers. Even if a map is switching you may not. This also pretains to resets in linebattles, it is very rude. For accidental teamkills I expect that you apologize and clear things up.
5.I have the right to promote members from merit, this means that you gain promotions from your activity with us and how well you improve. I also have the right to demote, on this note:razz:romotions are given from hard work and serving time with the regiment.
6.You are to never recruit from servers on teamspeak or in game that have rules strictly forbidding it. That being said, I encourage recruiting but you shall never bash other regiments and steal members with tags already and to never spam chat (It looks plain sloppy).



Rankings are a unique system to track our users progress in the community. Starting at Unteroffiziere you gain officer status and may lead in combat. We ask that you never beg/ask for ranks and accept what you get. We aim to be a mature and fun community that encourages hard work if you wish to gain status in the regiment. The ranks are listed below in a table format.











Guest - This person has been accepted to be a guest for an event while holding other regimental status, extreme conduct is required to attend as a guest

Rekrut - Rkt -The entry level of the regiment, it is acceptable to make mistakes but we look for active and improving rekruts.

Soldat - Sdt -The bulk of the regiment, to gain this rank a Rekrut must be able to swiftly carry out orders and show that they are mature.

Gefreiter - Gefr -A distinguished soldier in the rankings of the regiment, people must look to these soldiers for advice and we expect conduct to be optimal.

Obergefreiter - OGefr -This person has proven themselves to be a teamplayer and respected like an officer. However this rank is an optional one to not lead.

Unteroffiziere - Uffz - The first NCO rank in the regiment, we expect these people to learn orders and observe officers. They are responsible for file closing and minor duties.

Feldwebel - This person is an administrative NCO that gains administrative rights to the website and steam group.

Leutnant - This person is the first Offiziere and has the duty of leading the line and dealing with problems with the Kapitan

Premier-Leutnant - This person is the 2nd in command and aids the Kapitan in all matters.

Kapitan - The leader of the Kompanie, the diplomat and 1st in command.


Enlistment & How to Join


Thanks for showing your interest in our fine regiment, to join. Head to 9te.enjin.com and create an account. Then join the website and find the "Recruitment" tab. Fill out the questions and download teamspeak and you will be set for the next battle.


Post All Applications Here: 9te.enjin.com And Join our Teamspeak!
Be sure to join the Steam Group
To join the 1tes Schls, you must create an account or use an existing one to join the website. Once this is done you must hit the tab "Recruitment" and fill out the small form. The questions include you experience level and how you can help the regiment out. Please bear in mind to post your steam name so I can invite you to the group. When your in the group  you can receive group notifications when events are happening. So do this please! Once you have this done, download Teamspeak 3 and please hop in our new teamspeak [Teamspeak is mandatory but it is not required to own a microphone] All of the info posted here is also on the website. Alternatively add Menelaos on steam to chat about your enlistment. Thanks for viewing!
http://9te.enjin.com/ Is the website that all members must use Is our Teamspeak, Head to the 9te Channel!



Master Knight
Formations of the Kompanie

Kompanie in line
When forming a line, I ask for a double rank line for accuracy. We represent a Kompanie and currently field a Zug or "Platoon". An officer notifies soldiers of his locations via teamspeak and the line starts to his left unless specified otherwise. An Untteroffiziere or selected officer will be chosen to be a file closer, this job is to keep ranks tight while marching. Firing drills will be done in formation. The Ripple fire is stated as "From the left to right" and so on. "Fire" will initiate the ripple firing and the default is a 3 second delay to keep ideally half of the line ready to unleash a volley. It is effective in standoff situations and listening skills in training. To do anything relating to firing, the 2nd rank on the order of "Present", takes a step to the right and utilizes a half of a man of spacing to clearly fire and not hit the man in front of him. In a line, a third to a half of a man spacing is required to take less casualties.


Kompanie in motion
To move in a line formation, the officer states "Guide is left" "Guide is on the left" "Forward march!". The officer is a literal and figurative guide. Soldiers must move one by one, creating a ripple effect. From an overhead view, a forward march should look like a staircase formation. This means that a single file will advance at a time and wait for it's turn. When told to "Hold", the line will neatly stop one at a time. If done correctly, a ranker should be next to the people who were next to him to start with.


Wheeling while stationary and moving
A wheel is turn of the line to a certain degree to face an enemy line more properly to take less casualties. A low ranking officer or commanding officer will determine the angle to wheel the line and call out"Wheel left or Wheel right". There will be no delay to this command, during battles it is needed to precisely pull this off to start firing. Another name or train of thought is that this literally wheels the line and it is a reform to the officers left or right. This can also be done easily while marching and will be used often.


Kompanie forming line on march
To save time, I will often use form line on left or right on the march. The rankers will slowly merge left or right to create a staircase until told to halt. As pictured above, an aggressive reform is where rankers form a line to my left and right. This would alternate as the first man goes right and the second goes left and so on. These formations are useful to save time and quickly start attacking the enemy.

Thanks to the 1stWFI Argus, 19te Joshly, 1st EPI officers, 1st Freikorps Millander and the 1tes Pommersches for teaching me various things to make a proper guide. In particular I thank 1tes Pommersches for providing updated models of how formations should look.

Media Section

The 1tesSchls in Secession as the 1st Marine Battalion CSM

The 1tesSchls as Legion 13 Gemina in Mount and Gladius

The 1tesSchls plays the Deluge Mod

The 1tesSchls Plays Extra Invasion

Gameplay and Movies

6/30/12 D-Day Event
Made by Kapitan Menelaos

Mount and Gladius Shieldbattle Event 7/8/12 XIII Legion
Made by ThePhoxman

Further Notice to All Interested

Mount And Gladius: A Multiplayer Mod for Warband
I have decided to get back into this amazing mod, it's basically Romans versus Gauls and we have shieldwall events instead of linebattles. Please PM or chat me up whenever you can or post here to be invited to the steam group. Check out our Taleworlds thread here: http://forums.taleworlds.com/index.php/topic,213236.0.html I am Second in command for this Legion thus I am the rank of Secundus. Download link: http://www.gamefront.com/files/21933083


Secession: A Multiplayer Mod Featuring the Civil War
I may be a private in the 1st Marine Battalion but they are formed from the 1st EPI and are a great bunch of people. I encourage you all to check out their thread and submit an application if interested here: http://forums.taleworlds.com/index.php/topic,234157.0.html It is lead by Heinrich and the download link is here: http://forums.taleworlds.com/index.php/topic,237064.0.html

I highly encourage you all to download and check out these mods if you like Napoleonic Wars like myself.


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Adding times and such, I have also asked the 8LR about the spelling of the regiment. And thanks for the support guys, I hope to truly make one of the better Prussian regiments when my playerbase gets better.


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I have compiled some photos of Austrians that everyone can use. Have fun!



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Doctor Scherzando said:
I can't help but notice that there is no Garde du Corps....Anyway, viel glück mein freund!

I appreciate the 1stFKI support. Sucks, I gotta build up my player base again. Recruiting I shall do!


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McManti said:
Hi there.
I dont know if you got your reply, but i think its all right in your thread.
Your question is aiming at the name of  your regiment right?

good luck so far.

btw: i would love to hear "schlesisch" from a not natural speaker  :smile:

TheBlackVampire said:
Looks pretty good, I think its 1tes Schlesisches.
But apart from that, your thread is really nice and historical based.

Got the authentic Prussians on my side!


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1thecop said:
Good luck from the 89th Royal Guard!

I appreciate the support folks! Got to keep this thread bumped.
And your profile picture and name reminds me of Cop from the 1stFKI, anything on that?
Good luck with your regiment!
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