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♞1er Régiment de Polish Lanciers de la Garde Impériale (NA Cavalry) [Recruiting]

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Dwigh said:
Steam Name:  Pyrrhus of Epirus                                                       
Ingame Name: Dwight
Age:                        24                                                                   
In which country are you located? (we only accept North Americans):  usa                                                                         
Prior clan/regiment experience (if any): 63e - 102nd Royal Grenadiers     
How long have you played Mount & Musket/Napoleonic Wars:  2 years and some change
Do you have a microphone & teamspeak:  yes                               
Have you read the Code of Conduct and agreed to follow those conditions?: yes
Contacted  :wink: Still alive!


Sergeant at Arms
Great Tuesday event, solid training on Wednesday, and wow that was prolly the best North and South event I've been to yesterday, looking forward to wrapping up a good week with this LB tonight  :fruity:


Sergeant at Arms
Anyone else feeling close to a personal breaking point? I can't tell if I'm just feeling a little black pilled or something else but the current atmosphere just feels different
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