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♞1er Régiment de Polish Lanciers de la Garde Impériale (NA Cavalry) [Recruiting]

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  [size=14pt] Regimental Summary
If you are looking for a skilled and structured North American Cavalry Regiment then we are the regiment for you.
Each member brings unique qualities to the table, but we do have a lot of important shared characteristics like being friendly and mature. Although our social behaviors are a strong point, our skill set also extends to the battlefield from strategic movements and precision volleys, to efficient melee and unmatched cooperative prowess. Our goal is to create a respectful environment in which players can recreationally participate in organized events for Mount & Blade: Napoleonic Wars.

We expect you to be active, but we won’t force you to come to any line battles. We just ask that if you do not show up please let us know.

Weekly Schedule
Thursday - 9:00pm EST

Line Battle’s
Tuesday - 8:00pm EST
Friday - 9:00pm EST

[size=12pt]If you are a North American who wishes to partake in a skilled and organized Cavalry Regiment Then this the regiment for you,
If you are by chance on the fence regarding the regiment feel free to add Pepper or ICE on steam and you can volunteer at a event so you can see how we operate.

[size=36pt]OR APPLY HERE http://the1erplg.enjin.com/recruitment

If you wish to become a full member submit the following application into a reply for this thread.[/size]
Steam Name:                                                                         
Ingame Name:
In which country are you located? (we only accept North Americans):                                                                                   
Prior clan/regiment experience (if any):                                       
How long have you played Mount & Musket/Napoleonic Wars:  
Do you have a microphone & teamspeak:                                    
Have you read the Code of Conduct and agreed to follow those conditions?:
Thank to Spunned for his amazing photoshop work and for Millander which much of this thread would be nonexistent without his work.​



  [size=14pt] Formation of the Regiment

In 1807 Napoleon authorized the raising of a guard regiment of Polish light horse. His main object in so doing was probably political, a first token of his promise to establish an independent Polish state.

Whatever his motives,he obtained the services of some of the finest soldiers who ever served under him. Qualifications for enlistment were high. Applicants must be landowners or the sons of landowners. Some financial backing was certainly necessary, as those accepted had to provide their own uniforms, saddlery and horses.
The men came mainly from Murat's Polish 'Honor Guard' and volunteers. Majority of them were nobles and were better educated than rank and file of the French Guard who - in big part - could only read and write. This situation however was only in the beginning, later on their ranks were filled up with veterans selected from every Polish cavalry regiment.

In Paris the Poless were warmly welcomed by the Imperial Guard and entertained at banquets at the Emperor's expense. The regiment was proud that its members all came from Old Poland rather than 'South Prussia'."

The Poles were in a daily contact with the battle-hardened veterans of the Imperial Guard (Horse Grenadiers and Chasseurs). Soon they were fully trained and acquired discipline that made the regiment outstanding. Napoleon brigaded the Polish chevaulegeres with the Chasseurs-a-Cheval, his personal escort.

[size=14pt]Battle of Somosierra Pass "The Polish Charge"
  • [size=14pt]Summary of the Battle
    • The Battle of Somosierra occurred November 30, 1808 in the Peninsular War, when a French army under Napoleon I forced a passage through the Sierra de Guadarrama shielding Madrid.
      At the Somosierra mountain pass, 60 miles north of Madrid, a heavily outnumbered Spanish detachment of conscripts and artillery under Benito de San Juan aimed to block Napoleon's advance on the Spanish capital. Napoleon overwhelmed the Spanish positions in a combined arms attack, charging the Polish Chevau-légers of the Imperial Guard at the Spanish guns while French infantry advanced up the slopes. The victory removed the last obstacle barring the road to Madrid, which fell several days later.
    • Description of the Charge of the Polish Lancers
      • "We charged at full speed, I was about 10 paces in front with my head bent down, uttering our war cry by way of distracting my attention from the din of the enemy's fire which was all breaking out at once and the infernal hiss of their bullets and grape shot. ... Our warlike cries were becoming lost in the cries of pain of the unfortunate Poles; I did not dare to turn my head, fearing that the sad spectacle would cause me to give up. ... One officer alone was following me, Rudowski, I believe, a colossus, like most of these picked men. He was still on horseback, but wounded to death, staggering, and on the point of falling off with his face to the enemy. ... Nearly the whole of the squadron was laid low ... twenty alone had escaped this massacre safe and sound. These had assisted their wounded to retire, so that, over the whole of the remaining ground covered by our charge. I only saw one trumpeter left standing, motionless in the midst of the firing which was still going on. The poor child was weeping for his squadron..."

      After the Battle of Somosierra the regiment had impressed Napoleon greatly. The Polish Lancers continue to Fight in Napoleons Guard throughout the remaining years of the Napoleonic Wars.
      Upon Napoleon's Abdication in 1814 and hand picked Squadron by Napoleon himself was sent to acompany him to his exile in Elba. These men followed him upon his return to France and the entire 100 Days campaign leading up to the Battle of Waterloo.



Our Code of conduct is the guidelines that all members regardless or rank must follow.
These are instated to maintain a respectable image of our regiment and do form the atmosphere we strive to make in our regiment.

[size=14pt][list type=decimal]
[*] Respect
Be respectfully to everyone; your fellow members, members of other regiments, public players, etc. Respect server rules and decisions of admins and superiors.
[*] Behavior
Follow Orders and stay Disciplined. Don’t back talk it’s rude. Don’t try to be rude. Treat others how you want to be treated. Wear our Regiment Tag and Banner with Honor. There's a Time and Place for everything. Try to Act Mature. We have plenty of fun in & outside of line battles. Trolling and Immaturity will not be tolerated. We want to create a fun and mature atmosphere for everyone to enjoy.
[*] Retaliation
Never Retaliate. If you’re being insulted, team killed, or kicked in-game, do not retaliate, it only escalates the situation. Never team kill back.
[*] Activity
We expect you to be active, but we won’t force you to come to any line battles. We just ask that if you do not show up please let us know. If you are absent for a month, you will be placed on an inactive list and must re-apply the regiment to continue with us. Unless you have an honest excuse we totally understand.[/list]


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