♔ 16th (Bedfordshire) Regiment of Foot ♔ [est. 2014]

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The 16th is a friendly gaming community and we're always looking for new faces to join us. We have a mount & blade/ Bannerlord regiment with 5 companies that each attend multiple weekly events, and we play many other games outside of events as well.
Our 5 companies are as follows:

1) The center company, which is our original line infantry company.
2) The light company, which predominantly plays in skirmisher roles at events.
3) The Sacred Band, which is our Greek speaking line infantry company, and is the largest Greek community in the Napoleonic Wars community.
4) The cavalry squadron, which predominantly plays as mounted units at events.
5) The Guard company, which is our newest line infantry company.

If you are interested in joining, you can either respond to this thread, or add: [16th]ArtOfKilling , [16th]Antonis_Kun .

Our steam group: ♔ 16th Regiment of Foot ♔

Our teamspeak3 server ip:
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