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Incomming Telegraph:

Gather 'round many a soul and lend your ears, for I shall tell you of a place both wild and free! A place with open spaces and lush forests alike, a place of opportunity, a place in which a new life awaits! But be warned good traveler, for this paradise in the west comes at a price. Those Indians and Ruffians roam the land and will stop at nothing to take back what they see as theirs! So arm yourself with your courage and your rifle and decide now, will the price you pay be a scratch and a bruise, or death while seeking a better life on the Frontier. The choice is yours to make...

... And yours to see through.

Venture West is a Napoleonic Wars modification created by LeRoy O' Finnegan that hurls you into the historic year of 1875 during the American expansion into the West. Choose to play as a US Cavarlyman sent out into the Frontier to protect the settlements and citizens of the Western States or a Pioneer on the trail searching for a new life. You can also choose to play as an Indian while the various Native American Nations attempt to fight for their lost lands.

Planned Features:

- To Era Weaponry
- Bugle Tunes
- Awesome Classes / Factions
  - United States
  - Native Americans
- Historical Uniforms, Classes
- Custom Battle Scenes


The United States:

- 24th Infantry (Buffalo)
- Ranker [Trapdoor RIF]
- Bugler [Bugle, Revolver]
- Sergeant [Trapdoor RIF]
- Captain [Revolver, Binocs, Sword LINE]
- 6th Infantry
- Ranker [Trapdoor RIF]
- Bugler [Bugle, Revolver]
- Sergeant [Trapdoor RIF]
- Captain [Revolver, Binocs, Sword LINE]
- Citizens
- Texas Rangers [Henry, Colt]
- Ranchers [Spencer Carbine]
  - Railroad Worker[Pickaxe, Colt]
  - Mountaineer [Springfield Musket 1861]

- 10th US Cavalry (Buffalo)
- Ranker [Trapdoor CAR, Colt, Sword CAV]
- Bugler [Bugle, Revolver, Sword CAV]
- ColorSgt [Guidon, Revolver, Sword CAV]
- Sergeant [Trapdoor CAR, Colt, Sword CAV]
- Captain [Revolver, Binocs, Sword CAV]
- 7th Us Cavalry
- Ranker [Trapdoor CAR, Colt, Sword CAV]
- Bugler [Bugle, Revolver, Sword CAV]
- ColorSgt [Guidon, Revolver, Sword CAV]
- Sergeant [Trapdoor CAR, Colt, Sword CAV]
- Captain [Revolver, Binocs, Sword CAV]

- Gen. Philip Sheridan [Revolver, Binocs, Sword CAV]

The Indian Nations:

- Arapahos
- Warrior [Henry Rifle, Club]
- Cheyenne
- Warrior [Bow n Arrow, War Axe]
- Comanches
- Warrior [Spencer Rifle, Club]

- Apache (Cavalry)
- Warrior [Henry Rifle, War Axe]
- Sioux (Cavalry)
- Warrior [Henry Rifle, Spear]

- Crazy Horse [Henry Rifle, War Axe]


Trapdoor RIF: 10 Sec Reload
Trapdoor CAR: 10 Sec Reload
Revolver: 2 sec Cock, 18 Reload
Henry: 2 Sec Cock, 28 Reload
Bow and Arrow, 4 -5 Sec Reload

** Taken From The Mod Concept Document, CAR = Carbine RIF = Rifle **

Mod Team:

- Le`Roy O`Finnegan (Texturer, Coder, Team Head)
- Bsnott (Modeler)
- Sammy (Texture)
- Noah J (Head Of Testing)
- Garber And Team (Mapper)
- Frappiller (Info)
- MadBull, PrincessJoe (Signatures)(Photoshop)
- Lawrence And Team (Modeling And Texturing)
- NaS Team (Various Items)









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Didn't this have a different name before...or something? And if you've done all the models, preview us something.

6thcoalition said:
Hello! I`m trying to find worthy applicants for the mod I am creating. We have practically everything done! All the models are completed and the coding is well on its way! All we need now is texturers. Please, if you able bodied and aren't afraid of one days fine work. Then msg me on these forums. or add me on skype: spencer.kasper


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6thcoalition said:
Yes, It Was Under A New Name. I Will Be Adding The Finished Textured Models Tomorrow.

There's 1,2,3,4,5,6,7...8 models there. So definetly not all. For a start, you should stop writing in all caps, and try to find some good OSPs. There are lots of them, Wild Wind, Llew's Firearms, even some Austro's things(the guy up there, maker of PF). Just some tips.

EDIT: You put up 2 posts up there in 2 minutes, to quote

Lumos said:
...please don't double-post. It's frowned upon. Should you need to edit your post, use the "Modify" button at the top or the small icon resembling a pencil and paper on the right side of your post.


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Here, I've dug in a bit, see if any of these suit you.

You've got this excellent sound pack , it's brilliant really. However search for xenoargh's thread somewhere on the sound formats, it causes a lot of lag.,68925.0.html

Then we have Llew's firearms OSP, now in the time era you probably can't use this much, but Indians were under-equipped so there were probably many still using flintlocks.,162991.0.html

Then you have Austro's items, same thing as with Llew's.,192024.0.html

17th century Dutch houses, could be useful with scening some settlements,,197378.0.html

18th Century Uniforms,55616.0.html



Sounds awesome, are you planning on something similar to 1866?

Like keeping it a smaller scale with more attention to detail?

So many mods start off so big that it's difficult to finish or details get lost
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