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We fight for The Seven Nation Army.

About the 12e

The 12ème Régiment d'Infanterie de Ligne is an active, fun, large, North American regiment that has regular events for members of our community to enjoy.  The 12e fields players mainly from the United States but men from Canada, Portugal, UK, Brazil, Mexico, Australia have also fielded our ranks.  Although the 12e will get serious when needed, we still joke around and try to make the game fun for everyone! We do not use PTS (Permission to Speak) because as long as people don’t talk over officers there isn’t really a problem. Before you decide to join the 12e, remember that we are a regiment that is about community. We play other games rather than Napoleonic Wars and create a friendly environment within our teamspeak. In order to succeed in the 12e a member must show his dedication and skill through melee and leadership but also be a helpful member to our community.

In all, we are a community that has a nicely established place in the community and we invite any who are interested to come to our events! Read below for more details about the 12e

The 12e's History

The 12e's flag

A 12e Shako

The regiment was a very active regiment, serving in just about every single campaign. It had very many amazing and heroic last stand's along as with its horrible crushing defeats. It was created in 1800, and served until the literal last true fight of the French empire(waterloo) It stayed with Napoleon till the end. It's most important battles were some along the lines of. Austerlitz, Eylau, Waterloo and Wagram, which were all put onto its [url=http://frederic.berjaud.free.fr/Articles_de_Didier_Davin/012edeligne/12e_de_ligne.htm]eagle.
Since we had so much history, only a few certain inserts were added into, as too not clutter it up too much.

The eve of the battle, Napoleon sent an aide to Davout to ask him to move forward on Appolda to fall on the rear of the enemy he believes whole front of him. Davout, the 3rd Corps has about 26000 men 83% infantry, received this order in the night and takes its provisions for the next day. Gudin's division is placed at the head of the 3rd Corps with the 12th Line. The day begins at 6:30 am with the start of the 3rd Division who crossed the bridge Koesen. Then blinded by a thick fog and the default Cavalry Regiment which should enlighten, goes on village Hassenhausen. Leaving the latter, it collides with the enemy troops, unaware that she has to face the bulk of the Prussian Army. The 12th, with all Gudin Division, castles in the village and when the fog lifts, Gudin discovers the threat posed by the enemy's cavalry division and form a square. The tray is the key Hassenhausen ground point and Gudin Division will support only for about two hours a shock Infantry Division and 25 Squadrons Blücher. Soon comes the Friant Division unfolding on the right Gudin. It then takes forces to oppose led Brunswick to outflank his left to cut the line of retreat eastward effort. The infantry of the 12th and 21st Line are at the center of the device and must contain the efforts of an enemy almost twice in number.

About 11 hours, so they bend under the numbers, they are backed by the commitment of the Division Morand, who reports for a run and deploys left. Prince William then launches squads reserve, which abut the square battalions of the 13th Light and 17th, 51st and 61th Line. Decimated and exhausted by their incessant but unsuccessful assaults, the Prussians fell back, despite the personal commitment of leaders in their General to bring online the failed drives. Brunswick itself is killed while charging with a Battalion of Grenadiers. Although still outnumbered, King of Prussia hesitate to resume the offensive, and ordered a retreat, covered by a strong reserve untouched trying to oppose the prosecution conducted with energy Davout on any line front.

Grouchy must fight a battle while wearing the reserve will play ground breaking. The 12e, once again, is severely tested. At 10 am, he crossed the bridge Farciennes then goes on the left of Fleurus where he leads an attack on St. Amand. After wiping the shots of the enemy's sharpshooters, he seizes the village, supported by the efforts of the 56e and 96e Line. It stands out on this occasion, thanks to the action of one of his sergeants, Brossière who seizes a piece of large caliber. About six o'clock Blücher launches attack against the village of St Amand, who fiercely contested, remains in the hands of the French. Napoleon then sends the reservation to the assault. The enemy was repulsed and the victory gained. However, it is not decisive because Ney, chilly before the English, reminded him Erlon's Corps, contrary to the orders of the Emperor. The retreat of the Prussians is not cut as planned.


Code of Conduct

1. Be as active as you want The 12e strongly encourages all members to be active within the regiment and the community, but we understand that this is just a fun thing to come to and you shouldnt be required to come to it if you dont want to. Being active is a key point of being promoted, but as i said, how much you want to attend is completely up to you.
2. No trolling/Be mature Discipline is necessary for a regiment to function. That is why we ask all members to refrain from trolling and to act mature.
3. Follow all orders It is crucial that you listen and obey all orders that are given in linebattles, in trainings, and while off-duty by an officer. Were all equals, but order is required for the regiment to function properly.
4. Show respect to members of the regiment and community The 12e will not allow any disrespect or bashing towards anyone. We strive to make a community where everyone is treated fairly and equally. Including members of other regiments.
5. Have fun     Its a game. We want you to enjoy what you are doing. The 12e does not use PTS and encourages everyone to express themselves in our community. With that being said, since we are respecting you enough to not use it we expect the same amount of respect from you to not mic spam or talk about unnecessary things while orders are being given/about to be given


Colonel- Col
Chef de Batallion- CdB
Capitaine- Cpt
Lieutenant - Lt
Sous Lieutenant- SLt

Adjudant- Adj
Sergent Chef - SgtC
Sergent - Sgt

Aide de Camp - AdC
Caporal Fourrier de Premiere- CplFoP
Caporal Fourrier- CplFo
Caporal - Cpl
Soldat de Première- SoP
Soldat Deuxième- SoD
Soldat- Sdt

I edited these icons from the original images linked below. I would greatly appreciate it if no one used our edited versions, as i put a lot of work into cropping and editing some colors on them specifically for the 12e. The thread with the original images and artist (Crash R US) who offers anyone to use his icons can be found here. Much appreciated, Colonel Jameson

Regimental Roster


Colonel Jameson
Chef De Battalion Hunter
Sous-Lieutenant TommyGuns

Adjutant Celticus

Non-Commissioned Officers
Sergent Chef Nutkilla
Sergent Jaffa
Sergent Jabknife

Aide de Camp FrankieD
CplFo Derpy
Cpl Martin
Cpl Tdlots
Cpl Bishop Will
Cpl Kojo
Cpl VectoR
Cpl CrazyGoodies
SoP Mifsuud
SoP Frydash
SoP Theantman
SoP Clockwork
SoP Blazer
SoP William Wallace
SoP Spectre
SoP Gerald
SoP DonnyBoy
SoP Hellraiser
SoP Obilipticus
SoD Pretty Fly
SoD Papi
SoD Elite Pilot Kaiser
SoD SlavicFox
SoD Zalva
SoD Andy011
SoD Bdawg
SoD Drummer
SoD Starkiller
SoD Zaffreen
SoD Uberrat
SoD Zoob
SoD Ian
SoD Shadow
SoD SpottedMask
SoD Wolf
SoD Siwi
SoD Button
SoD Bascal
SoD Cowbell
SoD Hidden
SoD Starz41
SoD Irishman
SoD Highlander (Porte Aigle)
SoD Alex
SoD Schweinhund
SoD Betito
SoD Lord Philip
SoD Zombiekiller

Active Soldats
Sdt Campwolalte
Sdt Samsung
Sdt Jay
Sdt Kirk
Sdt Biri
Sdt Apples
Sdt Bigmack
Sdt Kirbehh
Sdt Jacob
Sdt Typhon
Sdt Turbius
Sdt Wolf
Sdt Whoppers777
Sdt DeckerHlad
Sdt Ryan
Sdt Levi
Sdt Marcus
Sdt Otto
Sdt Panaffles
Sdt Sirbuttinpenis
Sdt Al Gore, Jr
Sdt Louis
Sdt ObliviousRussian
Sdt Mackenzie
Sdt Baldwin
Sdt TerrificTheist
Sdt Mathias
Sdt Grebthor
Sdt Officer Noodle
Sdt Warpath
Line Infantry Tags: 12e_rank_name
Our in-game banner:


Voltiguer Roster
Sgt Jaffa
Cpl Bishop Will
SoD Irishman
SoD ObliviousRussian
SoD Starz
SoD Phil

Cavalerie roster

Adjutant Celticus
Cpl Tdlots
Cpl Kojo
SoP William Wallace
SoP Silent Killer
SoP Hellraiser
SoP Mifsuud
SoP Bdawg
SoP Starz
SoD Papi
SoD Siwi
SoD Spectre
SoD Knife Chill
SoD Spectre
SoD SlavicFox
SoD Ian
SoD Turner
SoD Schweinhund
SoD Cowbell
Sdt Kirk
Sdt ChaosPure1
Sdt Pretty Flyl
Sdt Al Gore


Fill out the application below or fill out one on our website here

1. Age?
2. Country?
3. Timezone?
4. In-game name?
5. Why do you want to join the 12e?
6. Any previous experience in NW?
7. What is your steam name? (Link suggested)
8. Will you follow and obey all rules?

Or, add me on steam

Weekly Schedule


Free day

Linebattle @ 8PM EST

Free day/Scrimmage day

Grimsight's Conquest @ 8PM EST

Grimsight's Friday Linebattle @ 8PM EST

22e's Saturday 7 EST linebattle- OPEN! @7PM EST

Training @ 6:30PM EST and Optional North And South event @ 8PM EST

Extra Information

Some great Screenshots

Fun time in North and South


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6Ol24LWT51U - A fun linebattle!
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mDetEvY5yzA - 12e New Custom Skins + "YAYMESON!"​
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-9Tw4doonMY - A triple rank with our 35-40 attendance
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hy81zFVPeBA&feature=youtu.be - An amazing 2v2 linebattle with many clutches!
Requests for cropped images

I will be doing these for most people just message me on Steam or on here with what you want. If youd like to thank me i would greatly appreciate any Gift cards/inventory items you have lying around :smile:

(Top image resized to fit in the post)

If you use these example images for anything please notify me, but i would rather you didnt as these are just here for example and not to be used.
To request an image just add/message [12e] Jameson on steam with your image attached, telling me what you want cropped.
http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198037700475/ [/left​
http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198037700475/ [/left​
http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198037700475/ [/left​
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