Şu an ne dinliyorsunuz? (M&B (sessiz) radyo :)

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lol. en son kaç yıl önce girdim acaba foruma? takip bırakmışım konuya nedense mail geldi, ilginç oldu. neyse.
This is easily the best reunition I've heard in years between 90s trance/techno. The siren in the beginning feels very unsettling, stressful. The rolling beats just adds to it. It's a techno track! It's supposed to be, simple, geometrical and cold. But then the minor synths kick in and the song takes a new vibe. My interested sparked. You can feel the fusion, the reason behind the high tempo. Emotional trance needs a high tempo to dance your emotions out to it. The bigger synths hit and you start realising what this is. The siren starts to belong, you can feel the void and distress of techno together with the beauty of trance. Later, eurobeat synths. Furthering the fusion with the siren that felt so annoying at the beginning still there, fitting. You want it there. The synths are on their own, the siren is not there.. and you start missing it. Well thought out fusion that isn't just fusion but layered with something more is not something any EDM track's ever made me feel like before.
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