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  1. T3CHET

    Thanks for 500 hours... SO FAR (personal post, pls ignore)

    I was scrolling Game Pass one evening, looking for something to sate the hunger. Looking for a weekend "time sink" if you will. I had looked over the title cards dozens of times and saw WB amongst the rest of the rabble and thought almost nothing about it "just another game with dated graphics...
  2. The Blood Rose

    The Blood Rose

    Main clan and face of the Vaegir kingdom, not heavily strict and has a ranking system based on skill. The Vaegir kingdom is inspired by Riflemans Nordic kingdom and is relatively new but I intend on making it last. We don't act overly serious and intend on having a mercenary branch. We are...
  3. Karnage King of Archery

    Xbox events

    In an effort to make the community more accessible and connected i wanna ask all the more influential players who all would be willing to share there YTs and Discord servers together and who all would help get people for events in the future.
  4. Shiroin

    The actual gameplay on Xbox Series X (200men test)

    Hello, guys. I recently bought an Xbox Series X, and I know there must be some people are wondering how the game running on next-gen consoles. So that is why I am posting a thread here to share my experiences. Q: Does the game support 4K and 60fps? Yes. Thanks to Microsoft's...
  5. Console Release Date?

    I was just wondering if the early access includes the consoles as well or if we will have to wait also is this going to be on next gen consoles as well or will it just be on the PS4 and Xbox One?
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