xbox series s crash

  1. In Progress Xbox x/s. Character death bugged

    my character was executed and I selected my son as the heir but I now have no access at all to any menus and it crashes when entering or leaving settlements. It says my party has 0 in it rather than at least 1 (my character). The encyclopedia says my entire clan was lost. My dead characters...
  2. Need More Info Game crashes on Xbox Series S

    Summary: After 18 hours of campaing my game started to crash after few minutes (not if game time is paused on campaign map). I am in a kingdom, have one city (Ortysia) and one castle (Garontor). I also have two caravans and three groups roaming. My army is 141 high level units. Before then I had...
  3. In Progress Series S crash on large desert battle.

    Summary: Game crashing after a minute into the simulated battle sequence. How to Reproduce: Campaign battle, Aserai attacking Western Empire that is besieging Garantor Castle. 1406 vs 1224. Mercenary for Aserai, performance mode, Default settings, battlelord difficulty, August 12, 1085.
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