1. Closed Xbox Captains servers are not working properly

    Summary: We can not get a game on east américa, on west and europe we can only get 2v2 games, please i'm begging you fix the servers again How to Reproduce: Just try to get a game in Matchmaking Captains Game mode Scene Name (if related): Media (Screenshots & Video): Computer Specs:xbox one...
  2. The Vladinator

    Please support the Console version!

    G'day Taleworlds and Community! I wanted to just express how grateful I am for Bannerlord to have been released for console, it's awesome! I really enjoy the game and I think it surpasses games like Chivalry 2 by miles. The multiplayer is enjoyable (albeit sometimes a little empty) and I...
  3. What the heck is going on with this games development and is there an update on console ports?

    As the title implies the development for this game looks like a big confused pile of spaghetti I tried it out earlier last year and it was awful compared to warband does anyone know if there is any set roadmap they are following and where I can find it? and I'm absolutely going to ask what is...
  4. PS4 and Xbox players are going to have cheats? Cheats are funny, we want be invencible even using a dualshock!

    I really wanna know If we, console players are going to have cheats like PC
  5. Xbox realease for bannerlord plz

    Can u taleworlds plz say a date where console version is realeasing
  6. Link pc account to Xbox?

    When the full release comes out and if they do put up BannerLord for Xbox is their a way that I would be able to link my data from my pc to my Xbox so I wouldn’t have to restart?
  7. Sm0ke

    Mount and Blade 2: Bannerold

    O bannerlord vai sair pro Xbox One e PS4? E dia 31 de março?
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